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    Happy Birthday dude and have a great day
  2. Divine Forces vs Vintage

    GJ guys!!!!
  3. Zybez Winter Tournament!

    TBH this kind of tournaments ( regardless of all the beef and ddosing ) made add some spicy to the clan world.
  4. Zybez Winter Tournament!

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    Thanx all of you
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    yeah!! ajajaj
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    Sure! and thanks
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    Thank you!
  10. 1. Real life/preferred name: Ricardo, you can call me Richard if you want so. 2. Display name: Boxa500 3. Previous names & aliases: Lc- Boxa, or Just Boxa 4. About yourself: Well hi, i am from Nicaragua, before you ask, Nicaragua is located in Central America between honduras and Costa Rica. I play rs since 2008, and i have some clan experience since 2009 ( Mostly in F2p, but im learning how to p2p decently ) 5. Clan history: Before Eoc: 1- Revolution Elite Clan ( Leader ) 2-Team AV ( full Member ) 3- Team Trinity ( full Member ) 4- Collition ( FA ) 5- Critical Damage ( FA ) 6- Elite Assasins ( Fa for a few weeks and then they closed ) 7- Tyranny ( i quit rs ) After Eoc 1- Poison ( Fa ) , i left because had some differences with venomous. 2- Ronnin Fa 3- Im leader on Latin Crew untill today. 6. Where did you hear about DF? I heard about DF before eoc, i saw some fights in clan wars ( Jcup ) i mean everyone knows about DF cmon... And Vladi X. 7. Do you know anyone in DF? List them: Just Vladi. 8. Reason for introduction: Well i would like to be accepted as Clan Friend, i heard you guys have a Good Comunity. Also i would like to participate in some p2p pk if that ok. But the main reason is : Rot can smd. Sorry to tell this in this way but im bored of those bullies . 9. Additional comments: If i can help you guys with anything , i am an open person and like to help.