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  1. How do you eat Burger & Fries

    so first im like pew pew on the fries and then i take a bite repeat
  2. Hunny guest app

    ref gl mate
  3. Champions League & Europa League draw

    Think Chelsea will do Barca if they can contain Messi look a bang average side without PSG vs Real Madrid gonna be a solid game, hope it's not on during uniteds.
  4. Mining pet + Fire cape

    big scaper
  5. [Accepted]Eli Introduction

    what kind of chicken do u like
  6. What

    why the fuck do you have an ironman
  7. Rot & Jed Exposed Pt 3

    imagine when they ask him why did you leave your job at his next job interview
  8. not having a basic eye colour
  9. Rot and Jed exposed in early GMT.

    what up snowflakes LMAO
  10. Black Friday/Cyber Monday

    some clothes
  11. Intro

    hey man pm imk if u need anything