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  1. CT minion clans getting bullied, no surprises here.
  2. Bushworld Adventure

  3. post good funny cute animals

    <12:41:30> "H101" connected to channel "Divine Forces Lobby" <12:41:51> "H101" pokes you: death to gays <12:41:54> "H101" disconnected (leaving)
  4. [Accepted]Tommy intro

    auto accept
  5. "Who Remembers When"

  6. Oh ffs I went to sleep
  7. Maybe Kenny? I think maybe 8 years?
  8. Who's Forums?

    DF's forums when Cheyney ran them
  9. hi

    I know you fap over pics of my bf faggot
  10. We obviously need more practice, thanks for the action.
  11. Heyy!

  12. [Declined]Introduction

    Can you represent DF on Zybez though?