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  1. [Accepted]Hummy

    Welcome my men.
  2. 99 crafting

    GZ GZ GZ
  3. New blood

    Welcome to DF my fellow American, thanks for your service. I hope you can serve for Df in the future.
  4. Divine Forces Thursday Reaping

    My +1 too!
  5. Divine Forces Wednesday Rev Cave Visit

    2 Ballistas 1 kraken
  6. Divine Forces Rev Cave Dominance

    Now that is decent Gp per hour.
  7. 100m [D]

  8. First arma item on the iron

    Ayyyyy 90 smithing though?
  9. Divine Forces Revs Slaying Weekend

    Wish i had 2k total Feels bad man
  10. Scampr's Hunny Guest App

    Good luck
  11. AGS Smited

  12. the dream

  13. Dark Bow + Blowpipe Smited

    Haha ez loots. Why did he have a rune plate body.
  14. DF vs CL 2/10/18

    Yay we won!
  15. 99 Footpedal

    Ez, grats