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    1. Real life/preferred name: Hi boys, my name is Pedro, i have 20 years old. 2. Display name: Pedrolit0 4. About yourself: Im a normal guy, who can not let go of this game, i like to travel a lot and i am in Law college. I work the most part of the day and study at nigth, i use runescape to relax when i have time. 5. Clan history: Arroz (Staff) Country Clan Brazilian Rigour (Staff) - Country Clan Exotic (Staff) - Country Clan Ronin Divine Forces 7. Do you know anyone in DF? List them: Jelle Ross True And many others from the old days. 8. Reason for introduction: Become part of the comunity 9. Additional comments: I miss u b0ys And i lost my account this like 800 Post counts ;(((((