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  1. 2nd drop

    gz guyssss
  2. Scythe of vitur

  3. Ghrazi Rapierawrrr

    Why are we so calm when we get drops now? dry streak ended tho
  4. Hyenas raid2 completion: 0

    gzzz dude
  5. Grats dude, i respect @Bob Kelso for already waiting for his split in edge
  6. Avernic Defender Hilt

    Liar, 351M.
  7. Big Owner of Raids 2

    Gz dude
  8. Ghrazi Rapier

    560m split tday was a gd day
  9. Avernic Defender Hilt

    It's all good dude, appreciate it
  10. @Sugar @Manjep 1st - 450m 2nd - 425m
  11. Avernic Defender Hilt

    Are they not aloud to have friends? It's 2018 Alex, I'm sure each of them do more then enough for DF i don't think they're in any position to be criticized for doing PvM related activities outside of DF. Give em a break man.
  12. Avernic Defender Hilt

    yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy even with Arda dieing 8 times LOL