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  1. The time has come......

    no. not until you confess you WHERE no gear and ready to go yesterday. liar.
  2. Ola!

    dna test?
  3. 1st drop

    this is why illusive closed btw
  4. 1st drop

    WTF @Ells I didn't wanna call it, thanks for invite. your blacklisted.
  5. Bulwarky thingy from Raidy

    how do you even know how to raid
  6. first pet

    it doesn't.
  7. first pet

    sorry so foreign cant understand
  8. first pet

  9. first pet

    didn't even know I got it till someone followed me and said grats...
  10. how do you even know how to do sara
  11. nice avatar bro

  12. my intro

    just 1?
  13. You've been gwased, harry!

    What the actual fuck
  14. Where YOU live

    I live near the thumb, my parents live over near the grand rapids area
  15. Where YOU live

    1. Michigan 2. Lakes everywhere, never further then 30 miles from a lake. 3. weather, can go through all 4 season in 1 day. Also because of that, there is always road construction