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  1. Finnish savagery in action

  2. Hello

  3. Hello

  4. Hello

    Bro please I’ll msg u on Snapchat lmao

    Grow up
  6. Hello

    Tree fiddy No can do mate Yeah man
  7. Hello

    This guy There’s 3 of us, jobs fucked!!
  8. Hello

    He’s here look lol
  9. Hello

    Tank Beergarden whenever chief ha ha!! nice one mate. how have you managed that like?
  10. Hello

    What a guy, All Conte ain’t we
  11. James

  12. Hello

    1. Real life/preferred name: Danny 2. Display name: idonthave1 3. Previous names & aliases: COZZA, EoS Cozza, COZZAFFS, D1rtyelf, Woody#’s, Edater3000 and many more 4. About yourself: hey, im cozza. I’d like to say hello to some old friends and foes. 23 from sheff uk and im a social worker for the nhs (sorry for swearing Americans) so most of my time is consumed unfortunately! Hope all is well and runescape is fun as fuck, hope VR die asap still and death to edaters 5. Clan history: Good times are... A load of irrelevant single clans pre 2k9 I then quit rs for a year or two Brutality (2011-2011) Echo of Silence council (2011-2016? When they properly died and not killed by a bloke with a vagina) Porksword membro (2011 - Till death do us apart) Bad times are... Rot intro 2014 i think Vr member of the month 2014 Bears council 2014 Thank fuck I never joined di 6. Where did you hear about DF? Old enemy’s 7. Do you know anyone in DF? List them: I’m not sure who’s still about, I remember blaedr. He was an oreyt fella from Sheff. And that spas Jackson who was alright too. Murray was a sound kid aswell. 8. Reason for introduction: Catching up 9. Additional comments: I heard Beke1 has a beak between his groin
  13. Community intro

    Was u the Ollie that was in porksword whilst in brut about 7 year ago??
  14. Giff l Tama

    Absolute weapon where did you get dug up from??
  15. JAH Community Introduction

    What a guy As if our clan got killed by a bloke with a vagina haha