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  1. 4th 99 btw

  2. World Cup Sweepstake

    Up the Russia!
  3. DF Wednesday PK ft. Jaja

    Was fun, gg
  4. half a bob kelso

    Nerd. Gz
  5. Good Miner fights back

  6. Good Miner fights back

    The adventure continued! It was the same guy from the first pic, had an ags but no smite
  7. Good Miner fights back

    I haven't no, I should probably check it out, I imagine it'll be a bit safer too!
  8. So I was minding my own business last night at the Runite Rocks, gathering some precious metals for that gp (still 125btw) when out of nowhere, some rude fucker starts throwing TB's around. Instead of running away, I decided to retaliate and well.. the result's are below. 2 Kills in the same Inventory. 2 Smites. Easy money.