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    1. Real life/preferred name: Jack 2. Display name: QPR 3. Previous names & aliases: Jack m8, Jaclc, ANCIlIlIlIlENT, WWVWWWWVWWWW, Xiuhcaotl, Plankstankje 4. About yourself: Sup dudes, been playing this shitty game called Runescape for a long time now. Pre eoc pretty much mini warred in the RSB scene non stop for the periods that I played & spent most of 07 in RSC (with RSB as and when there are events/activity). Irl I'm an accountant working in London, working my way up the ranks when I'm not following QPR around the country 5. Clan history: (Lot of RSB clans/teams pre eoc so I'll keep this to OSRS): Past 2014-2017 Ancient Fury - Closed 2015-2015 Echo Of Silence - Closed (Rip EOS v9999) 2015-2016 Immortal Brotherhood (rsb) - Closed 2017-2017 Brutality - Closed Current 2017-2018 Vintage (rsb) 2018- Team Alpha (Cwa Team) 6. Where did you hear about DF? Fought against you guys enough on OSRS to know who you are 7. Do you know anyone in DF? List them: StevenIDoom - Since 2014 Hummy - Since 2014 Eli - Since 2015 Seb - Since 2017 (Probably a few more men but that'll do for now) 8. Reason for introduction: Almost maxed out on Rs so trying to figure out what I want to do post max. Hummy & Eli have said good things about DF, so going to see what your community is like 9. Additional comments: same
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