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  1. 1800 Mid Level

    Should I get 75 Def 77 Prayer?
  2. 42m Start btw

    900m ending, Shit on RoT and FrontLine members to make this.
  3. 93

  4. Rejuve Pool

    get 82 and boost for the best one
  5. Hello

  6. Half of 99

  7. Cx Factor V2 LIVE

  8. 99 Wc

  9. look forward to the salt

    its because of my prayers duhhh
  10. halfway to 99

  11. Did you just assume my gender?? OMEGALUL

    he makes 40k a month, but now since RV stream was such a hit he probably made 50k in 4 days tbh, 2 cams running. Shit was crazy Cx HEHEHEHHEEHEHEHEH
  12. Bruno goes to the Military

    id insult you but that would make you cry