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Introduction Pownix

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Pownix    3

1. Real life/preferred name:



2. Display name:



3. Previous names & aliases:



4. About yourself:
My name is Mitch, I'm 25 year old guy from the Netherlands. At the moment I work as a cook/chef part time and study food technology. In my spare time I enjoy soccer, gaming and my GF. I started Runescape like 14 years ago, played the start of Rs07 and just recently came back to scape.


5. Clan history:
My only clan I've ever been in is Runecape Elites. I been a member of that clan for years and had several ranks.

6. Where did you hear about DF?

I've been around the clanning scene for 8 years, DF was always THE honorable clan we all looked up to. I think I saw something coming by on Zybez of you guys still being around. 


7. Do you know anyone in DF? List them:
I have no idea, probally not. Maybe some will reconize my name


8. Reason for introduction:
Looking for the oldschool clanning feel I had years ago. The most fun I had in this game was in a clan


9. Additional comments:

Can't wait to meet you all!


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Pownix    3

Thanks everyone! I Just forgot to mention I introduced to DF like 3? years ago. I quit Runecape back then because of IRL stuff (ex-gf :dale:).


Is there a way to join a CC to talk to everyone? 

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