Ellie Goulding

Rot and Jed exposed in early GMT.

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Frozen    867
1 hour ago, IMK said:

Rot leaks are pretty residentsleeper these days bc it's shit we already know, even if there is no "proof". The only thing of entertainment value is knowing mimebrazil2 is sleeping in pools of sweat due to his stress levels from knowing day by day that all of his work to brainwash the playerbase into thinking rot are literally RS messiahs has failed. It worked for a little bit (they had quite a cult following on zybez for a bit) but now the entire game (well, good chunk of it) know them as trashcan scum like most knew years ago. All that work down the drain. Poor guy. I guess you all might as well rip off the mask and return to the "always cheat always lie" lifestyle.


Don't forget they must first destroy all those that oppose them! 8ea5c13a89051bf4481ce217e1273c78.png

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Joe    269

Lmfao, imagine pretending that you earn 25k a month to boost your ego, sad bastards

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