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darklord    393

16.1 now. 


Doesnt matter if it busts for me anoymore. Been selling 1 ever time i double my original input. 

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Frozen    783

Investment in BTC now is not really worth the risk unless you're a millionaire/company/hedge fund or something, even then... The hype around it atm is actually more worrying because there is a chance all these new people start looking at it, realize the risk:reward ratio is very poor at this point and decide to not invest, which can lead to bad press when significant people/investors opt out. Cryptocurrency value is driven by intangibles like media/trends/word of mouth etc. which is why its so volatile and it has had huge (93%) crashes in the past while at lower values.


Its a real shit show right now in that it can also go the other way, the explosion in BTC coverage can inspire more people to dump their money into it and the more people use something the more value it garners. BTC now has to increase by a very large percentage of it's value in order to make "big" profits on it, this is not the case with other investments, you can buy larger amounts of cheaper coins/stocks and see like a 5% increase in each unit in order to make the same profit as something like a 50% increase in 1 bitcoin.


The difference between people being wary of bitcoin now and all the skepticism in the past is that it's now starting to be big boy money. Its getting to the point where its locking out more private investors and casuals who are looking to make a quick buck which reduces the number of people who can realistically buy meaningful amounts. If the value gets too high that it locks all these people out at the bottom end of the spectrum and then locks out people at the upper end of the spectrum through the risk:reward ratios then it is something like that which can trigger a crash.



(I cashed out on my btc and ltc. Populous and Lisk I'm interested in. Also onecoin for 2018 as it seems like it can be a government friendly one when the tax man starts to realize whats going on)



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