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Kenan    1

1. Real life/preferred name:





2. Display name:


Wat Dog

(not to be confused with gage from CL i just took his rsn to be a troll)

3. Previous names & aliases:


Kenan n Kel








4. About yourself:


i'm a pretty boring person not much to say i work seasonally in deconstruction and tend to kill clans in my offtime

watch mma religiously and enjoy reading 

5. Clan history:

mainly pure clans

pre eoc


havoc 2-3 months left shortly after getting member (pure clan)

fanatic member for about 2-3 months b4 eoc (pure/zerk clan)




Against All Odds- senior member 4 months clan closed (pure clan)

Impact- elite member 2 months (forums were hacked clan closed) (pure clan)

Ruin-elite member 4 months (clan closed went main shortly after) (pure clan)

Fearless-member 6 months (clan merged with eop) (pure clan)


Ruin-council for 9 months being my first main clan we closed (main clan)


Cutthroat- Special guest/trial member for about 2 or 3 months left 2-3 weeks ago (main clan)


(currently member in fearless pure clan that recently reopened)



6. Where did you hear about DF?


Wildy+fought you guys a couple times in ruin


7. Do you know anyone in DF? List them:


nope sadly i do not

8. Reason for introduction:


Was considering joining tho i don't actually know anybody in DF so that seems unlikely just thought i would say hello

9. Additional comments:


i like green eggs & ham

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Kenan    1
16 minutes ago, ila161 said:

ct is garbo


Just now, Vladi x said:

Hey there, welcome to our forums. 


Just now, Sugar said:

Hello and welcome


26 minutes ago, Dylan said:

Heya, welcome around


Just now, True said:

hey, welcome


30 minutes ago, Saggy said:



26 minutes ago, Bob Kelso said:



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