[Accepted]Manjep Introduction

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Manjep    80

1. What is your current display name:

mstfu & Manny J


2. List all your previous aliases/display names:



Other Brutality mass name changes


3. Post a picture of your stats & combat level (if you are a low level, we expect you train hard during your IG/FA period)



4. What timezone are you in?

I live in Denmark - GMT +1


5. Your clan history. Every clan OR team you've joined or attempted to join, how long you were affiliated, highest rank held and why are you no longer in said clan. Inaccurate information will result in an automatic decline.



6. List all DF members you currently know. How long have you known them and where did you meet them?







Sugar - sorry!!


7. As an intro it is important to integrate with the community. Do you have IRC and Teamspeak installed? On a side note: Be in True 2k8 clan chat when you're online.


I will be using the website IRC meaning i will have access to both

8. Tell us a little about yourself:

Heya. I'm 23 years from Denmark currently on my first year of computer science. I've played RS for a very long time and slowly working towards maxing out


9. How did you find us?

Been in the clan world for quite some time, meaning i've known about DF for a long time


10. Are you ready for warring/pking? (gear/stats/experience/knowledge about 07-warring-styles)

I do RSB with Moonwalkers


11. Estimate the time it will take you to be ready to apply for FA? (Minimum 1 week - community integration)

1 Week


12. Come clean. This section is for the confession or admission of anything which may cause a problem in you getting accepted.
This includes any NH activities, hacking/scamming, spying/leaking, DDoSing or any other acts you feel may jeopardize your chance at getting in DF.

If it is later found that you did not mention something significant here, you will be declined on suspicion of concealing it.


I have never and will never take part is such events.


13. Is there anything else you would like to add?



Edit: I forgot to mention that i've been doing deadman tournaments with Weedblazers, and also intend on doing the next one coming up in March. Hopefully that is not a problem.  

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Pengy    1,273

Welcome and good luck!


You are also better off downloading an IRC client than using webclient as it is far more convenient.

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Joe    254

What are your thoughts on Lord Bendtner?

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»Jelle    1,477

Welcome Manjep, been hearing good things

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