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Seb    69


1. Real life/preferred name:




2. Display name:



3. Previous names & aliases:

Se b, Hesitate (pre eoc)


4. About yourself:

 I'm a long term runescape player from London, started in 2003 when I was at primary school, maxed on the old game in 2012, quit pre eoc then came back to play old school last summer. Pre eoc I did a lot of RSB warring but not much RSC, I'm looking to get into RSC and multi pking a lot more now.  Irl I've now graduated from uni a couple of years ago, still live in London and I'm looking to retrain as a social worker next September.


5. Clan history:


Phoenix Rising (RSB Lowers) 2011- March 2012, left to get into highers warring
The New Beginning (RSB) - March 2012- July 2012, clan closed
Wicked Fury (RSB), July 2012 - October 2012, left to found a new clan  with other ex-TNB staff
Ignition (RSB), October 2012 - November 2012 - EoC happened and everybody quit

Vintage (Community), 2017-2018
Adrenaline (RSB), 2017-present
Revenant 2018 - I introed but the fit wasn't right

6. Where did you hear about DF?


Probably by fighting you guys in RSB at first. But also from the DF members that are in Adrenaline.


7. Do you know anyone in DF? List them:

Steven, Rene, Danny, Chronicflame, Ross, George


8. Reason for introduction:

Saying hello


9. Additional comments:


I like men

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