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Smi6    2

1. Real life/preferred name:


2. Display name:

FSK Sharmota

3. Previous names & aliases:

Smi6, Fsk Sharmota


4. About yourself: 

21 year old Palestinian born in Norway, Love playing fotball, studying nutrition and public health.

5. Clan history:

Norwegian clans,



Divine forces,


in that order.

6. Where did you hear about DF?

Joined df for a couple of months 2 years ago or somethin


7. Do you know anyone in DF? List them:

im sure i know many of you, not sure if everyone i knew is still here.

8. Reason for introduction: thinkin about getting back into the rs clannin community.

9. Additional comments:

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Pengy    1,339

Welcome back smix!

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