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History of Divine Forces

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Disclaimer: Before you read, I want you to acknowledge that this whole history topic was written by 7 different people. The wording between chapters will differ for that sole reason. Also, this is DF's history, not another clan's history. So please keep in mind that we wrote what we felt we experienced at the time. Finally, if you see any mistake, please PM "IMK" or "Ross" ASAP.

~ Shinobi.



Chapter 1 - The Fall of The Titans {Early September - Mid November, 2005}

The Titans (TT) were a Clan that was loved by few, hated by many, but feared by all. Many people had envied the quick rise and success that The Titans has accomplished. In the summer of 2005, The Titans surprised the Clan Community by defeating the hugely favored Rune Raiders (RR) in an Official war. The Titans had also been a strong and formidable force in the F2p wild in 05 The huge success of The Titans was all because of the strong leadership of the great Titans Leader Nhia212. At that time, everything in the Clan seemed to be doing well and TT was on the road way to the top.

The fate of the glorious Titans Era came to an end in Early September when Nhia212 announced that he would be stepping down from the leadership position due to his inactivity as he will be entering college the following year. His successor and new Titans Leader was going to be Jbk3659. This unexpected news devastated the whole clan. Many members, including many high ranked officials left that very night. The Titans was instantly crippled by the mass amount of members leaving, losing close to 1/4 of its original clan members that night and many more the following day.

After Nhia212 have left Titans to go to college, he gave the admin and the leadership to Jbk3659, but the damage had been done; Titans seemed to be in a downward spiral because of the mass leavings or the snowball effect. There were many reasons for this, quite arguably the biggest reason was because of the mass recruiting the Titans did earlier on the summer. Other reasons were the quick rise and emergence of the new clan Silent Assassins (SA) led by Stephen, Tyler and Viper. This was more than a reason and temptation to leave the Titans and to join this new and exciting clan. One other important reason was the bullying tactics Corruption (CoR) did to the Titans. Robtokill and many other Corruption members decided to make Anti-Titans signatures and were constantly taunting, flaming, spreading false propaganda in the Clan Community, as well as sending numerous spies to steal the PKing times from The Titans forums and crashing many of their PKing trips.

The remains of the loyal Titans Members and Officials worked hard to bring back this clan that was badly wounded and were low on morale by doing activity checks, forum switches, promotions but none had seemed to work. The Titans were continuing to drop lower and lower. Even the after winning the Mori war it didn't bring back the Titans to its former glory. The timing couldn't have been any worse, Jbk3659 became inactive because of real life and decided to pass on the leadership to Lord Mythis. This move was widely criticized by the Titans members because of his questionable loyalty and leadership abilities. After a few weeks, Lord Mythis decided to hand the Leadership to The Man O. At this point, The Titans are down to around 150 members, and TMO decided to make a poll on the Titans forums to ask the remaining Titan members if they wanted to continue on with The Titans or disband the clan. Of course, many members wanted the clan to continue on, but the officials saw that there was really no point to keeping the clan open. The clan was virtually dead, the soulless clan members has lost all hope, and the determination to get back on their feet and to regain former glory of the great Titans. Many of the Officials had grown weary, tired and optimistic about what the future holds. Many members found the clan in a dead end with no way out, so TMO and a few other Officials gathered up and agreed on closing down The Legendary Titans Clan at Mid. November 2005.

Chapter 2 -The Emergence of DF {Mid. November - December, 2005}

After the tragic disbanding of the Titans, The former Ex. Members of Titans went their separate ways. Most of the ex. Titans high ranked officials joined up and went to RuneScape Dinasty or Damage Inc., some decided to help DeathRow, and a couple went to Sacred Templars. The majority of the Titans members wanted to stick together and they choose to join a relatively new and unheard of clan - Divine Forces because it was led by many Ex. Titans, Death240 and Schol. Within 2-4 weeks, DF grew rapidly in size because of the large, flooding amount of ex. Titans applications. Overnight, DF grew from an almost unheard of, barely top 30 clan with only 30 or so members, to an overnight celebrity with 80-100 members and was sketchy around the top 20 clan's lists. By the end of November, DF was well and ready to test their limits and abilities to the clan world in the wild and craving for a war to prove themselves. The want for bloodshed couldn't be any more exhilarating.

In Early December, DF has already have had huge initial success in the wild, constantly PKing with 150+ Opts 5 days a week and defeating many clans that were older and stronger than us in PK run-ins because of our determination and our showing no fear, give it your all attitude. Many people even nicknamed us #1 spamming clan because of our outstanding organization.

Chapter 3 - First Wars {December, 2005}

We finally got what we wanted in December - A wide series of wars and they were the perfect tests to put our warring abilities on the line. In early December, DF runs into a clan named The Unforgotten (TU) on a regular Saturday PK run-in. The fight begins, and DF quickly takes control of the battle. The fight was slowly moved towards Rune Rocks single and DF gathers up and claims victory. Later on the day, The Leader of TU, Gr00vych1ck goes on DF forums and asks for a 1 week prep mini with DF. DF Officials gladly accepts the war offer. The war would be held at Red Dragon Gate. On day of the fight, DF members gathered up their weapons and armor and their majestic purple capes and marched towards the battlefield, knowing that this would be the war that they were waiting for. Once the signal by Death was given, the purple capers swarmed all over the mini map towards and through the enemies' formation and started the first pile. Once again, DF takes full control of the battle; with numerous huge DF piles going on, and barely seeing any TU piles, DF quickly slaughters TU within 10 minutes and claims victory, losing a very minimal 3 casualties in the war.

After the TU war, DF was not satisfied by the easy win and craved a war against a harder, stronger and more worthy opponent to test out our limits. DF decides to take a big jump and risk and to have a 1 hour prep mini war with Awaken. Awaken was a clan renowned for its organization and excelling at short prep mini wars. This war was the perfect test to test out our organization and facing clans that are much stronger and experienced. As the war breaks out at members-gate, the results seem to be very close throughout the fight; the fight was almost neck to neck, both clans showed excellent spamming and piling. Awaken took the upper hand in the end and ultimately won the fight. DF experiences its first real war loss and felt the pain of losing, but were quickly back on their feet and eager to find out about their next opponent.

Death and the other hierarchies decided to declare a 1 week prep mini war with The Mighty Red Dragons (TMRD). This was another giant leap from the previous wars, but DF was still confident that DF has victory over TMRD because of TMRD's inactivity. On the war day, DF pulls 180 opts and TMRD surprisingly pulls 240 opts. Being outnumbered by 60+ more opts, DF falls to TMRD's feet and TMRD takes the win. DF didn't walk home empty handed though; DF learned a new strategy and tactic from TMRD called “hybridding" and was proven very useful in future DF wars later on.

Chapter 4 - Start of a new Friendship {Late December - March 05' 06'}

While DF was making its way to the top, at the same time, there was also another new, up and coming clan that was breaking into the clan scene called RuneScape Valor (RSV) lead by Fultimekilla, Blue Wall and Winnnor. This clan was created by a merge from Crusaders of Blood and Brotherhood of the Forsaken. Like DF, Valor was also a promising clan with a bright future and also an extremely active PK'ing force that was quickly growing in strength. Both Valor and DF members both took interest in one another. After a few successful “ally PKing trips' and talks over MSN between leaders of each clan, DF and Valor leaders decided to create and form the Divine Valor (DV) Alliance. After the alliance was made official, both DF and Valor members swarmed to its new ally boards and gave each other warm welcomes and greetings, many members from both sides has made new friendships after the new alliance was created. This alliance was proven successful as it brought two of the most active PKing clans together and was proven to be a serious threat to the PKing world.

Chapter 5 - The Fall {Early January - Mid January, 2006}

The darkest days of DF were about to fall on this new and promising clan, just when DF was rated “The clan that has the most potential to break-through the top 10 in 2006. DF was nearly on the Brink of shutting down. Many old DF members still remember the terrors and fears that haunted those days.
On January 2nd, 2006, Ex. DF Council Zinx was mistakenly accused of Key logging other members by posting an YTMND link about Lindsay Lohan Naked on the spam forums. It was meant to be a joke by Zinx, the link was a face of a very freighting little girl that came up, and the animation made a screechy type of noise to frighten people. Oddly, a few members of the clan were mysteriously key logged after clicking the link. This started a huge crisis in the clan; many members left because of the distrust and fear of the clan and thought they were also going to be key logged; other unloyals left as well because of the snowball effect. About 10-15 members left that very night and a few others left the next day, including one of our Warlords and Founder. The situation couldn't get any worse because at the same weekend, Death240, our leader was on a 2 day vacation and no-one in clan had the authority and trust of the members to control the situation. DF was in a serious crisis and was on the very brink of closing down, the whole clan was chaotic and demanded to know more about what happened. Not until a few days later, Death came back from his vacation and quickly learns about what happened, and the situation was calmed down. Zinx had been proven innocent of all key logging accusations. The mystery was never solved, whether the members were really key logged by chance or not and could even possibly be a setup to bring him down as many members disliked Zinx because of his attitude and personality, it would still remain a secret. Zinx felt betrayed and hurt by the clan after the incident and left the clan a few days later. DF was in a huge slump and was down to around 80 members but quickly regains power and morale back by a couple mini wars and successful PK trips.

Chapter 6 - First Official War (TFC) {January 21st, 2006}

While DF was in the process of rebuilding, a fairly unknown country clan from the Philippines named The Flipscapes clan (TFC) made a surprising declaration on DF on RSC. Many felt we were not prepared for the war because we were still in the process of rebuilding, but the war offer was taken into consideration. After some talks over MSN, DF leaders found the conditions and terms of the war were not the ones desired. TFC leaders demanded a 2 week prep war located at Greater Demon ruins and around 6pm EST, making most of our GMT'ers not able to attend at such a late time. While DF leaders wanted a war at members gate or red dragon gate and a 1 week prep war. The arrow was pointed at DF once again, being outnumbered by almost 70 members and the location/prep time and starting time strongly at our disadvantage, this seems to be a war destined to be a loss. Never the less, the war was accepted.
Still, some members were optimistic on how the war was going to turnout, but many members were pumped and excited for their first ever Official war. Death held a couple of war drills at Greaters Ruins to practice our hugging and binding techniques, and also a big training competition. A few successful PK run-ins before the big war also gave us a huge morale boost.

At the day of the war, DF manages to pull 230 Options while TFC pulled around 260 Options, the battle begins and their leader Mad Webbie was instantly KO'ed when they charged towards us. The Great War broke out and the fight started, TFC held the lead in the beginning of the war because of their outstanding spamming and hugging abilities, for a while, DF seem to be on a hot end and losing the battle. But DF quickly fought back and took control of the battle. After a long, well fought battle of blood, sweat and tears, DF successfully took control of the battlefield and claimed victory on Greater Demon hills with 100+Opts of DF members remain standing. DF had won their first ever Official War.


Chapter 7 - On the rise {Late January - Mid February, 2006}

After the spectacular win against TFC, the clan's morale was once again at an all time high as many members felt like they can take on whatever obstacle put before them. DF leadership decided to take advantage of the clan's high morale and declares a one hour prep mini war against Fear to avenge the humiliating defeat from the last war. DF quickly musters up their options and heads towards the battlefield and eagerly awaits Fear's appearance. The battle quickly engages as Fear arrives, but this time Fear stood no chance against the mighty warriors of DF as DF quickly cleans up the battlefield and claims victory losing no less than 10 casualties after the war was over.

The easy victory over Fear once again did not satisfy the blood lust and appetite that DF craved for and members hungered for more wars. This time, DF leadership decides to take a risk and declared a one hour prep with the Mystic Knights (MK) who was back then a top 10 clan and had recently defeated Echo of Silence (EoS) in a war. With all odds against us, DF quickly musters once again and heads towards the battlefield. As time passes by, MK seems to be taking their time mustering as they were nearly 45 minutes late before arriving at the designated war spot. Many DF members were getting impatient and were wondering that MK might have got the warring times wrong. But with sources and pictures from Robtokill from Corruption, DF found out that MK's general Godofgods was intentionally stalling for time as they had low options and were hoping that DF members would be leaving and logging off because of the boredom and at the same time gathering more options for themselves. This dishonorable act angered everyone, many DF wanted to call off the war because of the further disadvantage and the questionable honor from MK leadership. Death was affirmative and held his stance that the war would continue on. His reason was that he saw that this was going to be an assured victory for DF win or lose, because even if we have lost the war, we would have had presented solid evidence that they have intentionally broke the war rules to try to obtain victory, therefore resulting in an auto win for DF. In the end, DF had 150 options starting against MK's 175 opts, a near 10 man disadvantage and 7 combat level differential. As the battle begins, DF quickly charges into the battlefield and the lash of the two clans has begun, DF once again takes hold of the fight with their outstanding spamming and big KO piles that were getting started. After 10 minutes, it was quite evident that DF was winning as no MK piles were to be seen and the red hot DF piles were still going on. Another 5 minutes passes by and a clear winner was seen as the battlefield was covered by red capes and bones on the ground and the only things left standing were the numerous waves of purple capes that were still blowing through the wind, Divine Forces was victorious once again losing less than 10 casualties to MK. DF once again surprised the clan community with the win and proved to the clan world to be a major threat in the wilderness in the near future.

After the war with MK, conflicts and misunderstandings started to rise between DF and EoS as some DF members were claiming that DF was stronger than EoS because they were able to beat MK in a war - something EoS could not accomplish. EoS disliked DF because of DF's friendly relations with Corruption, who were at the time, their arch nemesis. Old feuds between the two clans flared up once again as EoS held a win against DF defeating them in an one hour prep mini war in the past, and DF held a couple of wins against EoS in PKRI's. An official war between the two seemed inevitable. After a few talks between the hierarchies, Death240 finally decides to declare an official war on EoS. Although in the end, the war did not continue on as both Death240 and Mr Nickos Jr had a mutual agreement to cancel the war due to conflicts between the two clans and fear that the war would not be clean and enjoyable one. The rivalry slowly died down after this incident.

Chapter 8 - Big Mistake {Alliance with Corruption Feb. 8th, 2006}

At this time, Robtokill, the leader of Corruption seemed to have taken a great interest to DF and has been assisting DF leadership on getting PKing times from other clans by spying on forums, as well as backing DF up on RuneScape Community (RSC). DF returned the favor by teaming up in the wild with CoR a couple of times to assist them and fight off teamers. There was a mutual respect from both clans and has even formed somewhat of an unofficial alliance. Rob wasn't satisfied with an unofficial alliance and wanted an official alliance between both clans. That being said, on Feb. 8, 2006, Death240 and Robtokill had made an official alliance between DF and CoR called The Corrupted Forces (CF). This move shocked the clan community as well as members of each clan. Apparently, Death240 hadn't consulted his own clan on this alliance and went along with it. The move split the clan into half, one half of the clan was happy of this alliance, considering CoR to be one of the most powerful PKing Clans at the time, knowing they can be an extremely helpful ally when fighting larger, stronger clans like DI and other big alliances like TA. In contrast the other large majority was strongly against this move and was outraged that DF leadership would even consider allying with CoR. This group was mainly consisting of Ex. Members of TT. The previous grudge and hatred of CoR from the TT/CoR rivalry seem to have never gone away even though TT has since passed away, many ex. TT members can never forget and forgive all of the dirty deeds CoR did towards TT. Others were mad that Death did not seek and ask for the clan member's opinion before making this bold move. A crisis in the clan arises once again, as some Ex. TT members were unsatisfied by this newly created alliance and decided to go back to the newly reformed Titans lead once again by Nhia212. There was another problem, Valor leaders and members were somewhat unhappy of this rash decision made by DF Leadership without their consent and felt being abandoned by DF choosing a strong ally a few days after the loss of a major battle against Fear, especially one that they strongly disliked. A few days later, DF and Valor leadership came to a mutual agreement of ending the great Divine Valor alliance because both clans felt that it was better to go their separate ways and not carrying the baggage of being called teamers and clans that cannot PK alone or that they need allies to help them despite both clans only having teamed with each other when being teamed on by other clans. Both clans still continued to have friendly relations with each other after the split.
A day after the DV alliance was dropped; DF and CoR had its first ever official alliance PK as the Corrupted Forces and successfully defeated the DEoS Alliance. In turn tensions grew inside the clan and more arguments emerged from the inside, people disliked the decision of allying with CoR because of many various reasons; some people pointed out that CoR's nasty public image on RSC might tarnish DF's reputation because of the alliance, some people feared that CoR is just using DF as a meat shield and taking advantage of them, just as they did to RR less than a year ago. Many Ex. TT members strongly disliked CoR because of the personal hatred towards them in TT. After many discussions among the leaders, DF decided to drop the CF Alliance and go solo. The CF Alliance had only lasted for 3 days, being one of the shortest lived alliances in the clan world. This move deeply angered CoR especially Robtokill, he and CoR felt being played by DF and he vowed to destroy and to disband DF in a couple weeks of time by giving DF what they called “The Titans Treatment' which meant they were going crash all the DF PK's until they disband, just like they did to TT.

Things turned extremely ugly for both clans the following week, this once former alliance had turned into a deadly rivalry within a day's time by trading flame and flame-baits over RSC with each other. The day after DF dropped the CF Alliance, CoR was already waiting for DF to step foot into the wild in seek of revenge. DF decided to step up to the challenge and face their once former ally in a PK run-in. At first, DF seemed to be taking the upper hand and controlling the battlefield, but gradually, CoR picked up their game and started to out-organize and out-return DF which ultimately won the battle for themselves. Huge flame flame wars started after the fight and DF and CoR rivalry has still been continuing on ever since. To this day the DF/Corr rivalry has continued to be one of the fiercest in RS clan history.

Chapter 9 - Second War (DE) {March 4th, 2006}

Under the influence of EoS leadership, Demonic Empire (DE) made a surprising declaration on DF just before DF's decision to declare on the Rune Raiders (RR). After some talks between the officials, the war offer was eventually accepted by the DF hierarchies. The war was set to be a one and a half week preparation war and it consisted of two wars; one mini war three days after the acceptance of the war and an official war a week after the mini. Both clans went into preparation mode as the date of the mini war quickly approaches. Comparing stats, both clans were nearly identical, as DF had a five men advantage on DE and DE had a slight combat average advantage over DF. The war would all come down to who has the better organization and was foreseen to be a bloodbath as both clans with similar strengths will battle it out to show which clan is more superior.

The day for the first war finally arrives as DF quickly begins to mass up their options and head up towards the red dragon's gate with 280 options death dotted and quietly awaits DE's arrival. To our surprise, with our sources telling us that DE was only able to pull a low 180-190 options to the war, our morale was instantly boosted and we were determined and confident to quickly wipe out our enemies. Just as DE were walking across the red spiders hill towards the designated war spot, the unthinkable has happened - “THE' Clan unknowingly runs into DE, unaware that a war was about to happen and quickly engages in a fight with them. DE quickly alerts DF officials about the situation and asks for assistance and aid. Still under shock and confusion, DF quickly aids DE on telling people to stop fighting, “THE' Clan officials eventually got the message that this was a war and gathers up their men and retreats out of the battlefield. Later on the day, they sent an apology on our private forums but it wasn't received too well by DF members. Both DF and DE decided to leave the wild and regroup once again for another rematch an hour after for those who had died in the fight to gather up their supplies and return for another round. In the end, the war didn't happen as DE officials decided to back out of the war saying that they had lost 15-20 people during the regroup as people left in anger after the war was crashed and many not knowing that there was going to be a rematch later on the day. Many DF members were deeply angered at DE leadership's decision and for the loss of opportunity to beat DE, but DF quickly shifts their focus back onto the next war against DE knowing that this time, DE won't be able to be as lucky as last time and get away.

Time quickly flies by and the great day has come where the two clans will prove their superiority over the other once and for all, as both clans gathered up their options and marches towards the plains of members gate. This time, DF was attacking and DE defending just east of the gate. Surprisingly, both clans had the exact same starting of 285 options which made the war ever more intense knowing that it could be anyone's game. As DF approached the war zone, we spot DE's death dot was right before our sight and Death quickly picked out the unlucky victim from DE's pile and started the death count. As Death finally gave the final signal for the charge, the waves of purples capes swept into the battlefield and DF quickly KO's the first target. The war quickly starts as the war appears to be a deadlock, slowly DE begins to pick up their pace and big DE spam towers were clearly visible, for a few minutes, DE were clearly dominating the fight as many DF members were getting KO'ed left and right. Just as DF seem to have the war slip out of their hands, Death and his TeamSpeak crew quickly reorganizes a fall in and charged through the widely spread DE. Pile after pile, and after a couple of quick KO's, it was evident that DF was not about to give up so easily and were very much in the war. At dawn, DF has been able to regain control over the war and ultimately, winning the war against DE. The war also signified DF's official entrance into the top 15 on the clan rankings.

Chapter 10 - New Rivalry (BK) {Early March - June, 06'}

After the official War victory against DE, DF wasted no time establishing and proving themselves to be worthy of the top 15 by continuously raising the bar by challenging and fighting clans around and above their level in either in PK run-ins or mini wars. Clans such as FEAR, Chivalry Legions, RuneScape Valor and Echo of Silence all fell under the sword of Divine Forces. Just as it seemed like no other clan under the top ten was willing to fight DF, out of the blue, Mystic Knights General, God of gods8 contacted DF officials and decided to set up a rematch after their loss against us last time. Originally it was decided to be an hour preparation, but due to the lateness in time, DF decided to decline the offer but suggested that we could perhaps have a day preparation for the following day, Saturday afternoon. MK gladly accepted the proposal and the war was set for the next day and DF was able to gather up a good 255 options while MK gathered similar options (240 options). Just upon DF's arrival, MK had already set up their defenses in the classic 4 by 4 box, but DF was still able to locate and pick out our first unlucky victim. As soon as Death finished his countdown, a sea of purple capes once again swarmed into the battlefield and immediately KO'd Warmgrave on site. The battle had started and within a minute in, DF seemed to already hold clear dominance on the battlefield with big up-to-screen spam towers and smooth pile-transitioning while MK still struggled to form a strong pile. DF organization was proven to be too much for MK to handle this time, at the end of the day, DF had held their dominance till the very end, losing a mere 10 odd people at War, all thanks to our newly refurbished strategy of hybridding and another day of good teamwork.

By this time, after another significant win against a clan that had been mostly regarded to be a top 10 clan by the community, some DF members felt that they had finally proven themselves to be worthy of the Top 10 after months of constant effort and dedication. Because of this, some of them had started to rank themselves within the top 10 on RSC's Top 10/20/30 clan lists after their victory against MK. This move however, was suddenly taken as an offense against The BlacKnights Clan (BK), whom have been away from the clan scene for quite some time and thought upon to be inactive by the community as they thought that we have overrated ourselves and stolen their spot on the rankings. Flame wars started to abrupt all over RSC, with BK members flaming and with DF members retaliating back. Flames were being tossed back and forth from both BK and DF members. Within a day or two, the seemingly innocent misunderstanding turned into a full-fledged rivalry and was starting to heat up - fast. BK immediately declared an official war on Divine Forces but the proposal was quickly shot down due to the vast number and level differential that BK had in advantage, and also putting into account of the fear that the war not being clean and an enjoyable one because of the tremendous hate between both clans. However, although the war offer was declined, Schol promised that this wasn't the end of the rivalry and openly assured BK Officials that within 2 weeks of time, after all the hate between the two clans has been calmed down a little, then DF will be ready and will accept the challenge that will be put forth against them.

The idea of a temporary moment of “truce' was proven to be short lived and appeared to be a mere illusion. Within days, the arguing between the two clans started to re-emerge from the dark and into the public once again. A couple of BK members had already begun to provoke DF, this time obtaining pictures from our private boards using a spy that allegedly point out that we were trying to mass recruit before the war declaration by “letting in people that were below our requirements'. However their attempt to bring us down was spoiled when we explained the situation that this was actually our junior program that already had been implemented months ago called the “Storm Troopers', which is a ranking that was given to loyal and dedicated people who have been wanting to join DF for a while but still does not meet our level requirements. Although, this did not change the minds of BK members about DF and still saw it as merely a tool for DF to mass recruit and they continued their bombardment of flames.

Time quickly flies by, and the two weeks time was already up. As expected, BK declared war on Divine Forces on RSC, but once again, DF did not have an answer for them. Reasons were, within the short time frame, DF had actually undergone a series of drastic changes within the clan. Problems in the past had resurfaced once again just before the rivalry had started and has come back to haunt us. Warlord, Yummy Cake had left DF along with a couple other DF members to join the rebirth of the legendary clan, RuneScape Forsaken led by Remus. DF's other warlord Gunnerguy55 had been booted from DF for violating clan rules multiple times to the point that most would not bare his actions any longer. His last act of tele'ing was the last straw and leaders could no longer turn a blind eye as DF slowly became the laughingstock of many clans once the news spreads across that a DF high official tele'd in the wild. Flaming had also started to become a major issue in Divine Forces as a couple of well known flamers had been known to be in DF. The BK situation obviously didn't help to regain our image back either, with the tons of flames and spam being tossed by both sides, our reputation was going down the drain and many people started to take a strong disliking of DF. Because of this, Death decided turn the situation around by going “underground' on RSC and forbade us to post our PK-RI wins and discouraged to post on RSC in general. He also pulled DF from the public rankings for the time being to cool our heads, but then perhaps inner-clan flaming took its biggest toll in DF. Problems started to emerge from the inside-out, a couple of clan members had some disagreement amongst one another, and quickly arguments had been blown up to epic proportions until either one side makes a loud exit. Because of inner-clan flaming, DF's IRC channel, #clandf, was almost on the brink of closing down due to excessive flaming from both within the clan and from guests. Things were slowly crumbling down inside DF and within a few short weeks, DF's member count dropped from 130 odd members down to 117 members remaining, DF was in a slump and was in no shape to compete with BK who had a near 60+ man advantage on us and 3-4 combat levels averages ahead.

Chapter 11 - Changes & The Third War (RR) {April 22nd, 2006}

It took awhile until the BK rivalry had finally gone down. However, the rivalry has been put aside for the time being and officials had their heads together trying to think of ways to raise back morale in the clan and to bring DF out of the slump. Because of the rule that Death implemented that we weren't allowed to post PK-run-in's on public forums anymore, people had started to think that DF was inactive and did not PK anymore, even though in reality, DF continued to PK at least 3-5 times a week. Without the publicity necessary, this lead to DF not having a steady inflow of new applicants and even seeing a decline causing our members list to shrink. Realizing the problem, Death finally abolished the rule and DF was once again allowed to post their wins on public forums. In response of the need to quickly reverse our image and win back our reputation, DF officials finally agreed upon setting up a new position and ranking named “Justice', serving as a both a Judge and jury, looking at the evidence presented and determining the sentence given to rule breakers. The rank was mainly a response to crack down on flamers by giving them harsh sentences, but it did serve as a normal judge covering all aspects of rule breakings and responsible for updating and changing old rules. It was a success. With the close monitoring by Justices, no one had dared to openly flame anymore and DF's reputation slowly rebuilt itself back up again.
By this time, a couple of members from The Rune Raiders Clan (RR) started to take advantage of our slump that DF were in, and began to throw a couple of cheap shots towards DF and also ranking themselves ahead of us (even though merely months ago they had lost to DE in an official war, whom later on, lost to us. And the fact that they had yet to beat us in any type of fight). With that in mind, DF Officials finally decide to declare a war against RR to prove who the better clan was, and to make a statement to the clan world that DF is still alive and kicking. In comparing the members lists from both clans, RR still had a significant numbers advantage over DF and certainly was to be considered a worthy adversary but at least RR was near the same level as us power wise unlike BK. After declining our initial war proposal on their private forums, RR leadership finally agreed to war after the rules were renegotiated on MSN. The war date was set on April 22nd of the year 2006 and both clans went back to gather up their men for the upcoming battle. DF knowing the significance of the war will either make or break DF as a clan prepares extra hard for this war, in hopes that the war win will be the final solution that everyone was hopping for in bringing us back out of the slump.

As everyone up and down DF's Memberlist were at their best trying to train and getting everyone to sign up for the upcoming war, disaster struck home as we have gotten news that our war date and world was being leaked by spies in our clan out to the hands of No-Honor's and looters. The security of the war was being threatened and had almost come to a halt because of the fear of massive looters and crashers potentially attending and ruining the fight. The only options left were to either abandon the plans for the war, or to think of another method stopping the potential “unwanted guests'. We were in luck. Brilliantly, earlier on inside the United Nations Forums, leaders from every major Honor clan of the community had come together and devised a method to combat uninvited No-Honor crashers by setting up Anti-Crashing teams. These teams were set up between each clan to support and help each other at times of wars or even planned PK-Run ins in hopes of stopping the ever growing No-Honor movement and to keep No-Honors away from the fight. After contacting a couple of clans, they had agreed to give us a friendly hand and help out with our dilemma. Our war was safe for the time being and could carry out as planned.

With the extra protection given from Anti-Crashing teams, both DF and RR members felt safe and the war would continue on without interruption. The time to war quickly approached and both clans did the same old drill they had done countless of times in the past of mustering up and slowly awaiting for the moment of truth to come. With the hard preparation put into the war, DF was able to gain a slight advantage of a little more of 1 combat level average above RR to give themselves a better chance to win. Shockingly, DF was also able to pull a phenomenal amount of people to a war and for the first time ever, DF was able to pull more than 300 options alone to a fight. An amazing 100/120 DF members attended and the good news kept on rolling. RR on the other hand, according to our scout report, pulled a disappointing 250 options while massing and one of their high officials was already starting to freak out. Things couldn't seem to get even better for DF and some DF members could already taste the war win. DF marched confidently onto the battlefield knowing that this war could easily be theirs for the taking if we had played our cards right and were able to maintain our usual organization. As the battle was about to start, DF as usual picked our unlucky victim and started the familiar Death count, 3¦2¦1 and bombs away, DF swarmed through member's gate and charge directly towards RR's 3x3 box formation and KO's Esdxc37 on the spot and quickly divert to other piles and the battle begins. With the smooth pile transition calls on our TeamSpeak server, DF effortlessly plows through the waves of RR in red capes even though we were maintaining multiple spam towers at once, but yet enough to make a quick KO's with them. The verdict was clear by the end of the day - Divine Forces walks out with an astonishing 220 options remaining with various Officials still intact. A huge victory was awarded and all of the hard work put forth had paid off, DF was out of their slump and still a force to be reckoned with. The RR members who had flamed kept quiet afterwards.

Chapter 12 - The Great War (BK) {June 24th, 2007}

With the huge victory achieved in our last official war and the outstanding performances in the wilderness as of late against other clans (including a couple of major wins against our rivals Corruption), DF knew they were only steps away and close to finally competing with BK. Perhaps the only thing that was still hindering DF from warring BK was the significant numbers advantage that BK had over DF. It would be overwhelmingly difficult to overcome in a war situation. Because of this, DF declared numerous short prep mini-war offers against BK in attempt to even out the advantages and force both clans rely only on activity and organization. BK however had declined our war offers and expressed that they will only accept longer prep wars as opposed to hour prep wars that we offered and often re-declared with their own rules in mind. This went back and forth and in the end, nothing was getting resolved.

DF was slowly getting impatient at the forum rivalry and the seemingly never ending flames that BK gave us and didn't want to put up with it anymore. Time was ticking and DF was finally ready to renew the rivalry. With the fresh new patch of people waiting to join DF and the flames from BK starting to re-emerge once again, DF leaders felt that it was time to end the rivalry once and for all. DF's numbers had grown to near 135+ closing in on 140 since the RR fight. Although BK still had quite a comfortable numbers cushion that they sat on, DF was determined to prove that organization was their key to victory, not numbers or levels. DF could no longer hide and withstand the taunting from BK and decided to man up and fight BK. War talks were finally being negotiated on the table and finally, a war was, for the first time, set up between the clans. It was a 1 day preparation mini war and within hours, we had gained an outstanding sign up already, but things came crashing down once again. The war came to an unexpected full stop and ended abruptly as a few hours prior to the starting of the war, BK leadership decided to back out the last second using the excuse and accusing us of “account sharing'. DF members were furious and outraged of the act of cowardice and the false accusations. But nothing could be done to change anything except for knowing that BK was taking caution and seemed even afraid, and could not take us lightly any longer.

As time went on, the differences between the two clans became even more irreconcilable than ever before. The only reasonable way to settle the differences was to end it once it for all by having an official war against each other to show who the better clan was, and the rest of the clan community seemed to all agree to that. Both tired and also fed up with the BS that we were forced to put up with, DF leadership finally all agreed to war BK. DF makes a surprising declaration on BK over messenger and BK gladly accepts. As the rules were being set up, hierarchies were quick to realize that BK leadership was exceptionally hard to deal with and the rules that they wanted and often demanded were exceptionally one sided, leaning in benefits towards themselves and often highly unreasonable. Issues such as BK leadership initially proposing that they would only have a “stand-still' fight, meaning that there will be no movement whatsoever in the war once you were piled, other than to stand, eat, hoping you can survive for as long as you can until you die. After that being quickly shot down, they started asking for a fight with no evasion allowed. Meaning that were will be no-hugging of any obstacles on the battlefield such as rocks and trees at the designated war location. It was evident that BK was trying to take away any and every source of advantage they can possibly think of that DF could use to their own advantage. Wishing for the war to go as planned, DF refuses the rule of no evasion but settle with having the war set at the Red Dragon gate, were there are minimal obstacles to “hug' with.

Even after meeting many difficult, ridiculous and some downright silly demands that BK had put forth, still we had yet to see the last of it before the war rules were negotiated and the war preparation could finally start. However the worst was yet to come. It came to the point where BK leadership demanded DF to allow their 15 cadets to attend to war, later on upgrading the rule to allow ALL their cadets to attend the war and threatened that if DF did not meet their demands, there will simply be no war at all. Their reasoning was that DF's Storm Troopers (ST's) were allowed to attend the war, so by “logic', BK could allow their Cadets to attend as well, due to the two being similar and all. Yet they failed to realize that even though our ST's were under requirements, they were a part of the clan and were under the same leadership and on the same memberlist as opposed to normal junior clans. The true irony was, even without their cadets, BK still had a significant numbers advantage over DF. Even so, they still threatened that the war will cease to go on as planned if we did not comply with their rules. If such unreasonable rules were accepted, DF were basically weakening their already slim chances of winning, as BK along with their cadets will surely be much too hard to handle. DF now faced heavy odds against them with a 60 - near 70 man disadvantage to overcome when comparing both clans memberslist. Even facing the heavy odds, DF leadership felt confident of our members abilities and our belief that organization alone will be the true way to victory, not levels nor numbers. Adding to the fact that DF leadership was desperately wanting the war to continue, DF leaders accepted the final demand that BK wanted us to fulfill.

Chapter 13 - DF Finally Taken Seriously

Before the BK war, DF while being recognized, was barely emerging as a top 10 clan. DF was seen as the "little engine that could" with it's lower combat average and member count than the rest of the top 10. While being able to compete with a few top 10 clans, it took one huge moment in DF History to change the perception of us overnight. Death240 contacted Ghjjf and asked for a short-prep full out mini-war. Up to this point DF was always above average and certainly a higher regarded short-prep mini warring clan than even pking, but taking on a top 2 or 3 clan was certainly a huge reach. An hour later the war was set to kick off, Damage Inc. starting with 237 options and DF with 246. The fight stayed really even for the duration, and at the end DF was the last clan standing with 11 people. While it certainly wasn't a dominating win, the fact that DF was able to take down one of the true powerhouses at the time shocked the clan world. DI still was the better pking clan, but by beating a clan with an average of 8 combat levels higher than us, we proved to everyone just how organized DF was. On June 2006, DF fought Blacknights in a Full out war. DF started outnumbered, as usual, with 320 Options to BK's 360 Options. DF proved once again that organization was the key of winning fights by winning the BK official war with 200 ending options. While the BK Official War was the first step into the top 10 for DF, beating DI was the emergence of what was in store. Within 3 months a rematch would occur and this time DF won much more handily and the leap to the top 5 was evident. Little did DF know that troubled waters were shortly ahead, one that could test the very life and death of the clan.

Chapter 14 - Another Official War, and DF's First Leadership Change

While there were some clans that DF was stronger than in PK run-ins, there were still some clans who many thought would be over our heads in Official Wars. It was this thinking that lead to our next official war, with one of the top warring clans to ever grace the RS battlefield - The Gladiatorz. The preparation was to be two weeks, and many felt that while Gladz may not have been much of a Pk'ing force, that a two week prep would be enough for them to muster up the necessary manpower to overwhelm DF. It was during the last week of preparation that some word was getting around that DF's Leader (Death240) was hinting at retiring after this war. While many didn't believe that to be the case, it was pushed to the back burner while training for Gladz took the forefront. On the day of the war DF pulled a hefty amount of people (the most up until this point for any war in DF History), 321 options or 107 people. As amazing as the turnout was, Gladz did not disappoint and pulled an extraordinary 372 options (124 ppl). Despite the significant number difference, DF's superior organization became the mitigating factor and DF stood victorious with a decisive 129 options. Little did anyone know that when this war ended it was the last time most would ever see the account knows as Death240 ever log out of RuneScape. Up to this point Death240 was the face and soul of DF. In late November of 2006, it was evident that Death was losing some interest in RuneScape as a game. He tried his best to stick around for DF's sake, attempting to get the clan to become a P2P force to go along with the abilities already possessed in F2P. While that renewed some vigor in him, it was not to be kept. On December 12, 2006 in possibly the darkest day in the history of DF, Death240 retired as DF's Leader with no real passing of the torch. In his retiring post on DF Forums, Death mentioned that his feelings were that Bountyhuntur and Veseble would be his obvious choice as a leadership duo, but stopped short of naming either of them as his successor. For Veseble the leader role was not something he wanted to embrace, and I think many were holding on to the thought of Death returning. It seemed somehow impossible that Death would leave when DF was finally entering the top 5 and a first real look at what it took to be the top ranked clan. DF would remain without a named Leader for two days until Bountyhuntur decided to step to the podium and accept the role of only DF's second ever Leader. Many outsiders and even some members felt that losing Death could be the beginning of the end for DF, but that was not to be the case. While the absence of Death certainly took it's toll, this would end up being a move that would not only keep DF as a force, but it was under this new Leadership that DF would finally see it's goal of being the number 1 clan in RS realized. In a trying time it was the emergence of Bunty that would turn out to be more than anyone would have first expected. Not only did DF thrive under it's new Leader, but it would make it's first true run at the number 1 rank in RS.

Chapter 15 - Top 5 and A Rivalry Reborn

Soon after DF's Leadership change, it was apparent that they did not miss a beat. Beating DI was a huge step, but there were still several clans that were better and ranked higher in Pk run-ins, which at the time was the highest factor in clan rankings. During that period of time there were two clans (DI and DS) who were a cut above the rest, with RSD, Corr, DF, 'The' and Gladz all fighting it out for the spots below. DF was capable of regularly beating all but two of those non-DI or DS clans, but RSD and Corruption were still a nudge above them. As time went on ground was being gained and DF was slowly but surely passing everyone and it was a battle between long time nemesis Corruption and DF for number 3, as RSD had become less active than they were before and unable to contend on a daily basis (they still however would remain a powerhouse on any given Saturday). While Corr still held the edge, fights were getting closer and longer and the torch was slowly being passed from Corr to DF. Finally after battling it out, DF managed to win not one, but several pk run-ins against Corruption and it was this time that the rivalry would heat up once again. Power having shifted to DF's side, Corr went back to a propaganda war and refused to fight DF, claiming that FA's (Future Applicants) were ruining the clan world. Being an FA in DF was no different than at any other time in DF, other than having the title of "FA". In the past it was common for all clans including DF to allow people who were interested in joining, PK with them. Clearly testing out applicants to see that they would show up and return to fights was an effective way of selecting quality members, but it made for good arguing and propaganda made by the opponent. Not wanting to lose other opponents, DF started to limit the amount of Future Applicants that could participate in any one PK. Some time after it was decided that they did not want to stifle their growth and it was not in DF's best interest to succumb to the views of non-DF and the cap was removed.

While DF hunted and antagonized Corr as much as anyone possibly could in the wilderness, fights were pretty much non-existent outside of forums. During this time Corruption decided it was in their best interest to close their Junior Clan (The Corrupted) and lower the requirements necessary to join to allow a good portion of them to join. This gave a quick boost in Corr's numbers and it wasn't terribly long before they were willing to fight DF once again, although there was no change in the results. DF was now with a full head of steam and were not about to let their biggest rival come back to re-claim their once automatic dominance over them. Fights between the two were a little more scarce once again and finding fights was getting more difficult for DF. What was taking the place of fighting in the wild, was heavy in real life flaming which hit DF to the bone. After a long PK run-in a figurehead in Corr started up the in real life flame towards a well-respected DF Official that would take the rivalry to a whole different level, and it would not be in Corr's favor. DF decided that since the flames were taken out of game and to the in real life nature, that they would disregard previous ideals and DF decided to take it out on two culprits. Another clan that DF had a long rivalry with, was any clan who originated from the original SA (Silent Assassins) clan. The newest (and most successful to date) break off from that clan was VR (Violent Resolution). They took the in real life flames and joined in, and DF would not stand idly by. Upon hearing that Corr and VR were setting up a fight between each other, DF massed up and hit both clans on separate worlds, making them regret what they had started. At the time DF was strong enough to not only hit them separately, but just as they were about to start fighting DF was able to jump in and prevent the fight from taking place. It was this situation that caused all three clans to come together and crack down on the in real life flaming. All of us were fine with things relating to in-game behavior, but attacking someone's personal life over a game was a complete lack of class and intelligence and an agreement was made to punish any members who took part in such behavior. While it may not have lasted, it was at least a gesture of all clans to recognize that this is in fact a game we're playing and issues that arise from someone's personal life should not be involved.

Chapter 16 - Official War 6, and The Fall of a Great Clan

DF having a hard time getting big fights and not quite ready to declare on a DI or DS, was in the hunt for another Official War. Another 'Alliance' clan that always had great turnouts and performances for well-prepared official wars, was TMRD. Not being on poor terms, the war was relatively easy to set up. DF accepted another longer prep (2 weeks) to allow for the best possible challenge. As insignificant as most would make this war seem, the first Official War under new leadership was a big step in where DF was to end up. Would DF continue to evolve and remain undefeated in official wars, or would the task of taking on a well-oiled war machine like The Mighty Red Dragons under new leadership prove to be too much for DF? As in every other official war, DF would start with a numerical disadvantage, starting the war with 100 people (300 ops) and TMRD starting with 110 people (330 ops). While the record of the final ending options count has been lost, DF once again proved it's superior organization in overcoming the disadvantage and winning the fight with over 100 options remaining. Over the next few months, the clan world was about to be turned upside down with the closing of one of the greatest clans to grace the RS Wilderness.

During the time of DS and DI's reign over the top 2 spots, DF remained the only clan aside from DI to willingly fight The Dark Slayers. DS was undefeated in well over a year, and while many wouldn't even try to challenge that, DF was just naive enough to at least give it a try. While fights were never too long between the two, DF earned the respect of DS for at least trying and giving them some sort of fight. It was more than most of the clan world even attempted and there was a mutual respect between the two clans. At the time there was some mutual relationships amongst some high officials from both clans and that would prove to be a difference maker with what was about to happen. After over a year of sheer dominance in the clan world, The Dark Slayers leadership was moving on to College studies and felt that the best thing for the clan to do, was close while they were on top. Now being this is DF's History and not that of DS, and being that DF doesn't have 100% of the reasons behind it, it's best that the DS part of the story and why they closed, is left at that. While many ex-Dark Slayers would retire or join clans in which they had personal ties to, a portion of them chose DF as their new home. Now there are many different reasons behind their choices, whether it be from past respect or from friends in DF, or due to the fact that DF was in the best position to challenge for #1 with a little boost (which also meant the best prepared to take on the mighty Damage Inc. clan), or whether it be for random reasons that are unknown, but the end result was the same.

Within two days of the closure of DS, some ten to fifteen ex-DS or ex-DS future apps intro'd to DF. After one came another and it reached the point that DF decided to close their introductions and make the process of getting into DF quite a bit more difficult. This is just one more thing that set DF apart from most other clans. While many clans would welcome more and more people into their clan for sheer power in numbers, DF was unwilling to sacrifice their extraordinary organization and family atmosphere by accepting too many new people at one time. What made the decision even more difficult was that DF's biggest rival (Corruption) was fresh off the closure of their junior clan and their newly introduced rank of Future Applicants. During this time Corr's member count (including FA's) would swell and peak at 206 people. DF was sitting around 140-145 members before the closure of DS and so tempting as it may have been to accept 30 new people on the spot to even out the difference, the intelligence of DF's Officials would be key here. Now while introductions were closed for DF, 20 new faces who were extremely active and experienced were already on their ways to getting into DF. While most clans predicted that DI would be the easy choice for the new number 1 clan in RS (with DS closing), DF was unwilling to sit idle and not at least challenge for it. While Corruption had already started another propaganda war and their stance on not fighting DF for being "mass recruiters" (although with all newly accepted FA's DF was still 20 members lower than their own member count), the DF and DI rivalry was about to begin.


Chapter 17 - The New Number One

It was no secret that DI felt that being the clear number two clan at the time of DS' closure, and DF felt that it was more than capable of contending. A fight was set up a for a week later to see where the pieces were about to fall. While it seemed that there was as many spectators at the fight as participants, both clans pulled an amazing amount of dedicated members to contest for number one. For the first time in their clan history, DF pulled the maximum amount of options viewable by RS standards, 399 (133 people+). DI also pulled the same amount although they were certainly no strangers to pulling maxed options. After a few hours of battle, DF had taken complete control of the battlefield which included DI's favorite spot to fight, the Greater Demon Ruins. While DF was reluctant to fight them there, they had enough momentum during that fight that it really didn't matter where the fight was, they were not going to be denied the epic victory. Sure enough, DI called off the returning of it's members and DF stood strong while ending with 390 options. While many in DF felt that this was the dawning of a new number one, we knew that we had to win at least one or two more fights with DI to secure the spot in the mind of the clan world. Sure enough a week later a rematch would take place. While both clans pulled slightly less people, both clans were still well over 120 people apiece. Over the next couple of weeks DF went on to win all but one of the fights with DI, and a new number one clan was born. It was a proud day that most of us would have loved to have shared with none other than Death240, watching his experiment of a new clan gnaw, fight and claw their way up through the RS Clan rankings and end up as high as anyone could go. It was surely a proud time for everyone in DF.

After the dramatic climb to the top, DF was finding it much more difficult to find anyone to fight them. Most clans were now calling DF a mass-recruited clan and thinking up new acronyms to imply that DF was now a merging of DF and DS. Many clans fail to realize that while a portion of DS did in fact join DF, it was only enough to make member counts even with other top 3 clans. The fact that DF had a superior activity rate to those with similar member count had a much larger impact on why clans would not fight them as opposed to what was being thrown around as "reasons". Offering everything from two clans versus one and any other handicap that could be thought of, clans were attempting to bore DF to the point of lowering its activity. To some degree this strategy (while a bit cowardly) worked. Knowing that every weekend was going to be the same events of massing up and then walking around the wilderness with nobody willing to fight them, DF saw their turnout suffer. While it wasn't a dramatic decrease, it was enough to give other clans a chance at finding the kinks in DF's armor. Eventually after some months Corruption would once again step to the forefront and challenge DF for their newly acquired top spot. After a few fights between the two, the rivalry was reaching its climax with both clans swapping wins and both clans staking claim to being the number one clan. There was truly only one way to settle who was the better clan.

Chapter 18 - The War to end all Wars (CoR) {June 23rd, 2007}

With all the childish flaming from both sides, DF decides to declare on Corruption once again to put out the taunts from Corruption members on RSC saying that DF was afraid to fight them because DF officials supposedly declined a couple PK run-in offers with CoR in the past few weeks (despite they themselves actually have been running and hiding from DF for almost 9 months in total). Corruption officials gladly accepted, and the war date was set one week from the declaration, on June 23, 2007. Which coincidentally happened to lie on the same weekend, one year ago when DF defeated BK and emerged into the top 10. Many DF felt that destiny was on their side. The war had obvious significance behind it; not only that the victor that came out of the war was going to be crowned #1 by the clan community, it also was the final war that could potentially end this long going feud and rivalry between the two clans and put an end to it. It will finally determine who is the better clan after all the bickering on RSC and restless hours of fighting in the wild; Divine Forces, or the Forces of Evil - The Corruption Clan. This was the final showdown and everything was on the line: fame, honor, and glory. Winner takes all, and the loser receives nothing. And both clans knew of it and took the war preparation seriously. In less than 48 hours, DF had already received full sign ups by every member that was allowed to attend. CoR on the other hand, had gotten 122 combat average during the days of war preparation.

The much anticipated war had finally arrived and both sides started to gather at their respected locations. Much to DF's surprise, DF pulled one of the best turnouts arguably in clan history - an astonishing turnout rate of around 110-115 out of 131 members attended the war, a near 87% turnout rate which broke our previous record obtained in the RR war when we brought 100/120 DF members to the fight. CoR on the other hand, was able to pull 360 options to the war. The battle drums started to beat and DF had got note from scouts that CoR was about to charge. As predicted, CoR used their signature DeathMarch as they marched down the battlefield. Little did they know that DF was ready and expecting it. Although the DeathMarch was highly intimidating, it did have a great weakness. Once the first Corruption member charged up to the DF DeathDot pile, DF quickly KO's the unlucky victim and starts to pick out Corruption officials one by one. Due to many CoR officials being highly visible and easy to spot, many Corruption Leaders became easily targets and started drop like flies in a matter of seconds, while Corruption continued to struggle on creating a decent pile due to their disorganized DeathMarch. With the upper hand, DF started a wave of KO's, taking advantage of CoR's state of panic and disorganization. However, later in the battle, CoR finally started to pick up their piling and started to bring back their organization up to par to DF, but it was already too late. By dawn, a clear winner was chosen and the purple capes remain valorous and victorious at member's gate. A new, undisputed number one was born.

Chapter 19 - A New Era and More Leadership Changes

Just three weeks after the biggest war win in Divine Forces history, Bunty was finding less and less time for RS due to school and real life commitments. To ease the stress of keeping a number one clan active and efficient, Bunty decided it was time for some help. After discussions, Bunty announced that joining him in the Leader rank for DF would be long-time member and at the time Head Warlord, Veseble. This was one of the most obvious choices and ironically the two people who Death240 voiced would be best to lead DF, were now at the helm together. Ves provided much-needed in game leadership and activity that Bunty was unable to provide at the time. It was a needed boost for DF and a very wise decision by Bunty. Two months to the day later, Bunty was unable to regain the activity that he felt it took to lead DF, and yet another change was made. As Bunty decided to retire as a Leader, another new Leader was named in his place, longtime Official and figurehead Legolas86880 (Lego). At the time Lego had been a high-ranking Official in DF and was the obvious choice to someday help lead DF. As with any new leadership, DF gained a small boost of adrenaline and were once again off and running. It was proven that after losing some great founders, leaders and officials, DF would always find a way to adjust and move forward. Having two well-known and experienced officials once again leading DF, it thrived and maintained its place at the top of the clan world.

Chapter 20 - One Last Shift In Power

DF would maintain its hold on the number one clan in RS for some time, and then something changed. The wilderness was changing and many 'no honor' clans were starting to have a bigger and bigger affect on fights. Because DF was one of the most active anti-crashing clans (a clan that would protect other clan fights from the 'nh' influence), it was also the biggest target in their own fights. It was becoming harder and harder for DF to get a clean fight, and was practically impossible to get without the help of other clans there to monitor things. Instead of folding, DF would not waver in their stance against crashers, and over the next few months had obtained enough spies in those clans to effectively eliminate chances for those clans to crash or get their own fights. The most prominent 'NH' clan at the time (Noobs Incorporated) had gone from 150-200 option pk trips, down to trips with less than 20 people as their members grew tired of trying to crash and pk and yet only find DF waiting for them in every world. As much as DF did not waver, neither did these 'nh' clans. Over the next few months, any opponent of DF's was a friend to those 'nh' clans and that made it much more difficult to pull through with consistent victories. After a few months of remaining at the top, DF found itself with a few losses to The Corruption Clan and it was public opinion that they had taken over the rank as the number one RS clan. While DF would continue to fight Corr over the next few weeks, the combination of Corr's strength and the presence of crashers, DF found itself on the losing end several more times. DF Leadership decided to take a step back and do to Corr what had been done by them to DF so many times and deny them fights. Sure enough within weeks Corr's turnouts began to drop and after another handful of losses to DF, Corr decided to step away from fighting DF and leave them be. Once again DF hung in and regained the top rank amongst RS clans and would keep that intact up to the present times despite some changes to RS itself.

Chapter 21 - Changes in RuneScape

With Jagex Ltd. trying to crack down on real-world item trading, the wilderness as clans knew it was about to change forever. The wilderness was no longer a place where clans could go and fight, and in place of that was a new mini-game called "Bounty Hunter". After a lot of protesting and lack of interest for the new arena, clans chose to start adapting. Clans could still fight and for that matter it was still possible to hunt other clans and have pk run-ins. While the ways of fighting had changed, DF maintained itself as the clan to beat in the new arena. During this time clans would see the sudden rise of a formerly powerful and legendary clan, Runescape Dinasty (RSD). A prevalent powerhouse for much of their existence, RSD came out of nowhere to become an instant contender in the top echelon of RS clans. During their rise saw them beat DF in a fourteen hour fight of epic proportions. It seemed that DF was losing it's spot to RSD and leadership had some work to do. Instead of laying down after a grueling fourteen hour fight, DF was out pking again a day later, once again proving that even a big loss was not enough to stop them. Over the next few weeks would see RSD and DF having a few more fights of much smaller proportions with DF coming out on top each time. Eventually DF was able to wrestle back the opinions that they were indeed still the number one clan, and as the new mini-game Bounty Hunter was about to be ruined forever, DF remained there, suffering only one defeat in F2P Bounty Hunter.

Once again Jagex would find a way to stick it to clans by making Bounty Hunter a single fighting zone only, leaving clans with only one last way of fighting and that was at the Clan War Arena. Gone were the days of hunting an opponent, gone were the days of returning to battle after death and losing tons of rune sets in one weekend. Wars were the only way left to settle beefs in the clan world and as awful as that seemed to most, once again clans are doing there best to adapt. After some hiccups and a handful of wins and losses, DF has managed to continue to raise its game during the biggest of fights and to this day remains the number one clan in RS. Love them or hate them, anyone around during the birth, rise and dominance of Divine Forces cannot deny the legacy that DF has earned as one of the top clans to ever pk or war, maintaining the top rank for the better part of the last year and a half. While nobody knows what Jagex has in store for clans next, rest assured DF will as it always has adapt and find a way to fight its way to the top no matter how hard the task may be.

Chapter 22

And so the CWA era began. Every clan in RuneScape was forced to P2P PK in Bounty-Hunter or have matched opt fights in CWA. Since we're a predominantly F2P Clan, we set our eyes on CWA. DF has always been a clan when it comes to mini-wars, going back to the clan's very first months.

We started off great, dominating almost every single one of our matched-opts fights. During this time RSC was also hosting the CJ Tournament. This was our chance to dominate in another era. Before the Tournament began we started to lose some fights. We lost to clans such as RDC (who have since died), and a lot of people started to worry about us. We met TT in a 30 vs 30 in the CJ Fights only to lose. People were beginning to doubt our capability... but we knew what we wanted. We wanted that full out war trophy. Only TRWF stood in our path to our goal, and it was going to be a big one. The days leading up to this fight our two warlords became inactive. Riku and Minibb both signed up as yes yet both were missing when it came to the fight. We went on to lose the fight by a small margin, and following the fight Riku and Minibb left.


The CWA (Clan Wars Arena) era was totally unexpected. The clan world did not know how to respond to it. Of course the clan world was born off full out wars & mini wars, but clans (especially top clans) were more "PKRI" orientated. Taking off the wilderness was one (big) thing, but completely taking off the whole aspect for PKRI's had a terrible impact on clans, and even ruined many clans. Of course it had a negative impact on DF. I would be lying if I said that we were completely fine during the CWA era, because we weren't. The struggle hit us when we lost two warlords, one council & one FA manager in a span of a barely weeks. Losing our key guys in times in which we needed a stable leadership & members base to counter the unexpected CWA era was extremely critical to the clan. We quickly found new fall in leaders, but practice is what we needed at the time and we made sure we got enough of it.

We went out to fight nearly every top clans in matched/full out wars as much as possible. We had some tough losses to say the least. Our clan was known for one of the best organizations out there. It was extremely weird to see us lose versus clans that never expected to win against us. However, the reasons of our losses were right in front of our eyes; poor tanking & binds, the calling from our new fall in leaders was below average & most importantly, a lot of our guys did not take CWA seriously because of the sole fact that a lot ot our guys' motivation went out of the window when Jagex took out PKRI's from RuneScape. The clan community started propagating many things about our clan. We were seen as a clan which was struggling to find a consistency. I don't think it really bothered the clan because we saw our flaws & we knew that once we fixed those flaws, we'd be running over clans like we've have been doing for many years.

Then the CWPL (Clan Wars Premier League) appeared, a league hosted by RuneScape Community staff members. It was a league that had 3 groups (top clans, mid-sized clans and small clans) in which clans had to fight clans in their respective groups. The fights consisted of 1 full out war and 1 matched options fight against each clans out there. Many users on RuneScape Community forums saw us ending in second or even in third place, behind the rising TT & TRWF. We weren't satisfied with any of that. We wanted to be in first place, and we wanted to win every fights, including matched options fights. Once we were paired with TRWF, clans thought that TRWF would win both fights because we were both capable of pulling 100 (max users allowed in the Clan Wars Arena). However, just like DF have always done, we proved the clan world wrong and went on to win both fights. After both of our wins, TRWF went on to lose members for TT and such - even today TRWF is struggling to find it's balance due to that quick loss of power-rise they once had. Anyways, coming back to the CWPL, we were then paired with clans like Corr/DI/RSD/VR/TT. We were all expected to win the full out wars, but not the matched options fights as people claimed that our organization was "not good enough". We obviously proved them wrong, again, by winning all of those fights. One memorable moment was when we fought VR in a full out war, we started with a 10 man-disadvantage (90 DF versus 100 VR), and yet we won it with an amazing performance. The CWPL ended with us winning all of the fights (12-0). I think the CWPL kind of allowed DF to set a clear statement to the clan world. We struggled, but we ended up finding ways to improve our organization. It wasn't easy, we had many losses & tough times. However, the clan remained solid and optimistic. Losing fights will only make you realize your clan's flaws, and I think we were able to find our flaws pretty quickly.

The clan remained in the top spot for months after the CWPL. We were finally acknowledged for our superb organization. Unfortunately , we hit another rough patch when PKRI's came back. Jagex implemented two types of arenas. One arena in which somewhat had the look of the old wilderness, and another arena that counted kills. Both arenas are still around today so hopefully you know about this. DF and the clan world used both arenas, but the arena in which kills were counted was mostly used. We were expected to excel beforehand. Clans thought we would reign PKRI's like we did before Jagex made Bounty Hunter single-only. We quickly paired ourselves in a fight against TT for a CWA PKRI. At our surprise, we severely outnumbered TT by a handful of members. However, since the winner would be the clan which held the most kills, we fell short because we weren't actually prepared as TT was. In fact, we had a re-match the following week against TT, and we lost by a margin of 2-3 kills. Going through tough losses was one thing, but not understanding our flaws was another thing. We didn't understand why clans would have more kills than us. We thought it was people leaving/joining the arena portal, but it wasn't that. We then found out that we had people sniping opponents piles, giving them an easier time to get faster kills. Obviously we fixed that by getting more & more practice. Fighting clans like EH, VR, Corr & RSD got us some wins and certainly some tough and disappointing losses. We were really never able to prove our strength in the CWA PKRI's era, just like we did in the CWA era, because Jagex went on to bring back the wilderness with a different taste to it.


Jagex decided to implement the wilderness again as they saw their memberships canceling. Some old school guys started coming back for DF, and for any other top clans. People started to play this game again as it brought the interest back. During this time, our founder, Death240, came back from a 2 years disappearance. His come back attracted many oldschool DF members. Corr & DF had set up a week prep, in which we pulled 399 Options for the first time in a long time. However, we fell short because we weren't able to maintain our numbers (got to expect it when you have so many retired's showing up for one single person). Since TT was a top contender for half of the CWA era, they quickly rose on to become the #1 clan by beating us down on several occasions. Although we had lost our top spot on a Saturday in which they won in a few hours PKRI's, we hunted them again the next day (Sunday) to go on to win a 8 hours PKRI - in which their officials/key members were forced to return in hilarious mithril/chicken gear. Clans thought that we would fall just because we had finally lost the top spot, but it never really happened. We never really felt like our "time" was over. In fact, we kept challenging both TT and VR (who were rising quickly). By March 2009, we took over the top spot.

Chapter 22

March 09

Begining of the crash war.

Around March 09, DF was kind of in a slump and we wanted to improve our image. Some things that were suggested was having public events to attract good publicity and some recruits. It was suggested we have a Beans/Mcburger war. Everyone was for it and it was underway. During the fight VR came and crashed it. This was the first time we have been crashed. Most of us were surprised it was crashed because it was just a iron war or whatever. Both clans started talking shit to each other which was understandable. At the time DF was kind of still friends with VR and VR said they would not be hitting us unless we started crashing them back. Most of us didn't really give a shit about the iron war but both clans still exchanged cheap shots every chance they got.

Next - DF rises

DF Rises

We needed a way to get out of this little slump. DF has never been a clan to just ride it out. It was suggested by Peterh007, that we just pk till our activity gets up and things will fix themselves. We would hunt GMT clans and we would win pretty easily. Eventually we started fighting Corr/VR during these times and we won easily. The recent victories gained us a great amount of FA's and some that came from TT.

Next - Jagex Cup and EH is back.

Jagex Cup and EH is back.

For the first time, Jagex would make a event Tourney that would put clans in the spotlight. The Jagex cup was just like the CJ Tourney just hosted by Jagex. During all of this, EH was getting stronger soon and started talking a lot more. DF of course would soon shut them up. We would hunt EH and end their pk trips. In the Jagex Cup we beat the competition pretty easily. One of the rounds we had to face RSD. RSD pretty much did anything possible to have the advantage. A Jmod would have to set up the rules. During this time we would also set up a capped fight with EH. DF vs RSD was on a Saturday. Even though it was a cap of 100 vs 100 we had over 120 people show up. DF attacked.. RSD defended.. However RSD rushed and took us by surprise. Our Ts was crazy, loud and most of the time you couldn't hear what the pile was but yet DF knew who to pile. DF would win with about 40 left.

Next - RSD accuses DF of cheating and EH Capped fight.

The Crash War comes into full effect.

The tensions with VR continued to increase as members of each clan began increasingly crashing each other. What started out as small groups of members started growing, but nothing had become too serious yet. Things escalated when DF had a fight against DI. The fight was going on for hours and looked to be heading into the double digit hours, however VR had other plans. VR showed up full force and began crashing DF. This marked the first time either clan had full force crashed the other. To many in DF this became the final straw and retaliation seemed imminent. The officials opened a poll on forums asking what the members wanted to do and it was overwhelmingly voted in favor of crashing VR back. A “special" event was planned and the officials told no one what it was, however many could guess. When the mass was over the officials broke the news to the members, this was indeed the day DF would be retaliating. After that day the crash war was truly on. DF quickly recruited Corruption and Echo of Silence over to their side as they had been continuously pestered by VR as well while VR held on to DK as their lone ally. Things looked to be one sided due to the massive disproportion of the sides, however a game changer was coming in the near future.

DI closes, VR grows stronger

Not long into the crash war a surprise came along. The clan known as Damage Incorporated decided to end their long history and official shut its doors. The question was, where would their members be going? The answer became clear very soon when their members began piling into VR. This boost put VR far over 200 members reaching around 255 at their peak. This turned the one sided crash war into what was now a more evened out fight. With their increase in members VR picked up their activity and made them more involved in crashing any of their opponent's fights, as well as a few other clans as well. While DF, Corr, and EOS continued to win the cluster fights, each of the three clans began feeling the pressure. Eventually EOS grew tired of the crashing and decided to call it off and truced out with VR. However, basically as soon as EOS left, ROT came in. ROT was known as a p2p clan at this time and no one took them seriously on the f2p scene. VR members had been crashing their p2p fights for quite some time now and they gave VR an ultimatum, either stop or ROT would retaliate in f2p. VR laughed it off and didn't take them serious for even a minute. ROT came in with an instant impact due to their long history as a crash clan. As the war continued to grow more intense a 9 hour fight between the sides would ensue. The fight proved to be a hit to DF, ROT, and CORR as VR stood strong after CORR ended, followed by ROT. DF continued to fight for another 30 minutes but VR's massive member list was too much to handle and we were forced to call it off as well. Soon after that fight CORR decided to exit the crash war and truced out as well. This marked VR's first major victory in the crash war. While things looked to be changing, other factors soon evened it out again. With the alliance of DK on their side VR found themselves with newfound enemies. DK had angered the ex-leaders of NI and the leaders of PH. NI was reformed with the sole purpose of destroying DK, and PH was joining in with the same goal. As long as DK was associated with VR then VR would be an enemy as well. With the 4 clans now on our side we went on to win fight after fight ending with far over 399 opts each time.


DF begins to regain power.

We began to steadily grow stronger again at this point making gradual gains and advances. Eventually we felt we were strong enough to take on a clan in a week prep even with the crash war still in effect, the clan we chose? Who other than Corruption. The fight was set up and rules agreed upon that included teaming to clear crashers. This fight was beyond hyped up and we all agreed to start the fight with a full corrupt dragon armor rush. During the week leading up to the fight our warlord Dennisbruv was shot and rushed to the hospital. When we heard the news we knew what we had to do and we dedicated the fight to him and vowed we would not call off returning. We all kept Dennis in our thoughts and waited for further news on his condition. When it was confirmed that he was going to be okay we took a collective sigh of relief and continued with our mission. The day came and we stood strong with 100 people in full corrupt ready to charge Corruption. One of those 100 was Dennisbruv himself who came to attend even while on heavy pain killers. The fight would go on for the next 7 hours with us in control and CORR on the ropes. At that point VR had ended from their fight against RSD and decided to come over and begin crashing us. This immediately switched us onto the back foot with CORR refusing to honor the rules and not clearing VR. We shifted our focus to VR and after about 30 minutes of crashing they decided to end their day and left the battlefield. We went back twice as hard at CORR now after that stunt and they barely lasted 30 minutes after VR left. At the 8 hour mark DF stood victorious and we knew this was a sign of good things to come. Around this time, DK decided to close its doors once again. Most people expected a mass joining into VR but it appeared that DK had enough of VR at this point. Their new destination came as a surprise to everyone, they flocked to DF. We quickly were flooded with around 50 DK applications. The new flood of members pushed us to power we hadn't had for quite a while. We began pulling 90-100 people on no prep fights and taking down any clan that got in our way. We decided to take our new found power to the next level and a week prep with TT was set up.

The end of the crash war.

With our new strength going straight to our heads we decided to aim high and go after an old rival in The Titans. TT was ready for the challenge and gladly accepted. The fight started with us reaching the battlefield with 120 people against TT's 110. We grew up to 130 people during the fight and thought it was all but ours, but one thing we quickly found out was that all of the new members were not up to the standards we expected in DF and we began dropping numbers and losing our advantage. Late into the fight VR as expected showed up and began killing DF members, when we approached TT they didn't want to stop. This put us on our back foot that we never recovered from the rest of the fight. After 13 hours TT stood victorious and all we could do was sort through the mess of undedicated members we had just gained. Immediately after the fight ended officials between DF and VR got together and started talking about a truce. VR saw the power we had gained and knew that it was a wise time to get out, and we knew that we needed to get VR away from our fights so an agreement between the two sides was reached. The crash war was officially over after lasting for nearly a year.

Part 2: The after effect.

After the fight everyone was disappointed, we were cocky and TT gave us a kick in the balls. We ended up making a massive change into our future applicant system and the general way in how we deal with one another as members. We cleared most the Dk members with kicks apart from 2,changed ours ways and got our minds out of the clouds. It was rough for a while making sure we were doing it right, we started out with capped fights way at the bottom of the top clans. Fighting TCl/Fools and TR in capped fights in order to establish dedication and staying till the end, as those caps increased and we got in more dedicated members who didn't join for the glory but for DF we started taking on bigger clans. We were closer as a clan, closers as a community and just overall better as a clan with 100 members combined then a clan with 150. We fought for each other and not for ourselves. You could take a look at any member at that time i know they you could lean on them, we supported each other and we had pride. Damage incorporated made a new clan, i don't really remember the name as all i remember from it is they were pretty shit. But had quite the hype about them, they beat us in a capped fights and we were eager for the chance to hit them in a uncapped fight. We asked, they backed down. We hunted them, they logged out. This went back and forth for a while on RSC until the point where it had to calm down, we asked Rj for another capped fight and hoped we'd prove them wrong. We pulled about 70 which was a lot during this period, we were smashing this shit clan and ripping them apart from about 30 minutes until Eos came and crashed. From then on it became obvious that Eos was protecting their future member base. Eventually previous shit clan we spoke about died, and no i'm not talking about Eos.

Part 3: Come back Baby

During August of 2010, we had slowly picked it up fight Eos on a consistent basis trying to prove ourselves. Eos had been crashing us occasionally since June. Disrupting our fights as we had them, so without a doubt we were eager to prove ourselves and beat them. We caught them off guard during one of our pk trips and ended up beating them. Eos was surprised and couldn't handle the fact that DF beat them, instead of doing a real clans approach to the situation and just slapping it in our faces by beating us next time. They decided to crash us instead, which led to the controversy into whether to start another crash war with them. We decided to just let it slide, take the high road and hit them when we could. which led to several defeats for Eos. Eventually the threatening started, if we didn't do this if we didn't do that they'd crash us. We didn't have any of it and just ignored them. Vr was crashing them at the time and as horrible as it sounds Eos would regroup from new gate to castle to rune rocks and over again to try and not lose to us. Vr eventually came in and crashed them, we didn't want our win to go to waste just because some beef they had. After trying to convince VR or Eos to leave we eventually took ending and left when they both refused to leave. The next day, it was a Wednesday i remember Eos dared us to come hit them. As we massed up about 55 DF to Eos 65. We rushed them at East tree and not 5 minutes later VR was there again leading into a 2 v 1 we weren't very excited about. But to our surprise Eos had threatened Corruption into coming to help them hit us. I say threatened because i remember a conversation between myself and Eos and Corruption officials and it contained of Eos telling Corruption what to do or else. the fight turned back into 2 1 v 1's, which meant Vr was fighting Eos and Corruption was fighting DF. We ended Corruption within 2 hours down by 10 people to start and ending with 70. This was the biggest turn for DF in a long time and started the streak we currently as i write this still hold over Corruption. After that DF and Eos officials spoke and Eos promised not to crash us.

Part 4: 7-0 on Corruption:

As we had our first win over Corruption on that one Wednesday, the next day we had a planned matched opts fight with them in the Al - Kharid castle on a PVP world. We started with 60 people each out pulling Corruption that day, with at the time 40 members on us. Melee binds, Al-Kharid castle a good old Man for Man battle. We slaughtered them, walking out with 40 people standing we had demolished Corruption 2 days in a row without a problem. We had a hype around us, everyone was excited and Corruption was heated. They had one last hope, one last hope! in beating us in a stealing creation game that would take place on Friday. Now we're not a clan to take something like that serious, but a 3-0 victory over Corruption regardless of what game type it is would of been amazing. It was best out of 3 and we tied with 1-1 and i remember correctly that we were down in the third game and pretty much thought we lost. As the scoreboard popped up we had about 3x their points and smashed them in every category. 3-0, bella's a ho. Corruption being as heated as they were wanted a rematch. We accepted a 2 hour cap with them for the following Monday. 2 hour cap, ending with 270 opts to Corruptions 220. They were hurt and hurt bad, this ended Corruptions will to compete with us even with 40 members up. They had given up on RSC, their forums and even to think challenge us. But then came TT who originally had knocked us down in our previous rise. We refused to fight them on a prep due to having about 70 members and 40 retired's on us at the time. However we did end up hitting them on short prep, it was a rough fight but we had never lost control in about 4 hours TT called a mass snipe that led on for another 2 hours. We didn't understand why TT would sink this low in order to get a Win. After we had beat them and had about 240 ending, we later on found out why. Someone called Cravez a monkey. To this day we have no clue who it was, but if i knew who it was i would put you down in this huge line of text because that was one of the funniest moments in DF just reading that RSC post about the reason they mass sniped.

Later on during that week on a Sunday to be more specific we ended up beating TT once again, short prep 2 hour fight. Even after TT claimed it was luck the first time we beat them again. It was a complete respectable win, as TT gave it to us and took a loss as any good clan would. DF felt great, we had a huge morale after beating Corruption and on top of that we beat TT. We were set to go, What was next? RSD was. We had set up a 2 hour cap with RSD to test our strength against them, pulling 80 starting to their 70 ending with 94 to their 90 having 270 ending to their 240. We were amazed, the once #1 clan not to long ago was beaten down by DF. But we all knew it, we weren't quite there yet. In this period of time we were beating Corruption/VR/Eos on a pretty much daily basis. Win after win, no one could stop us apart from Rot at the time. RSD came to us for a prepped fight, we wanted to give it a go and did. As we showed up there and the fight started our Teamspeak got DDos'd and we were extremely disappointed. But we sorted out another Teamspeak and were switching to it and told RSD to hold on. The once respectable RSD rushed us regardless while we were down switching Teamspeak's. Kicking us down into the mud, hitting us in the worst time possible, we ended up logging out to get ourselves on Teamspeak properly and get ourselves sorted out. They ended up claiming the win over us which caused a lot of controversy between RSD and DF. We continued to fight them and losing each time, but i felt like each time we fought them our will got stronger because not just the first but each time RSD pulled a dirty trick to claim the win. Eos crashing us, completely ignored. Audio down, completely ignored. I will give them one win and that was a 9 or so hour fight and it was completely theres as it was a overall bad performance of us. But the other 3 fights we had were in our control which is simply why they played dirty.

Crash war II

While fighting RSD, Eos crashed us. This was the last time we fought RSD but definitely not the first time they got a cheap win. After that fight we promised ourselves that Eos would regret doing that. Us with 117 members at the time and Eos with a 164, we knew it would be a challenge. We started crashing them with no remorse massing up whenever they were out and seeing them run around the wilderness like no other. Nothing was admirable about Eos, We even caught them at stealing creation once. With Rot and DF hitting Eos on a consistent basis they were weak, struggling and started pking outside of main pking times. Vr got involved which brought Eos some hope along the way, Vr had just rebuild from losing 150 members in the first crash war and thought it'd be a wise idea to get in another. Vr and Eos had just been in a crash war with each other but that didn't stop them to team in this one. The 2 v 2 fights were enjoyable, the forcing Vr and Eos to mass snipe and regroup together was adorable. But we will never forget we always had the smallest member base out of every clan and managed to pull around the same as them.



The second crash war becomes one sided:

While the fighting was 2 vs. 2 the fights were very competitive and went up and down for both sides. However EOS decided that two clans against them wasn't enough and went on to crash TT and CORR. Once TT joined in EOS and VR didn't stand a chance and spent the majority of their PK's logged out in the lobby. CORR just tagged along for the ride and didn't really provide much help aside from a few numbers. A few days after TT entered VR and EOS truced out with TT knowing that they bit off more than they could chew. However, EOS being the brilliant tacticians they were at the time then went on to crash TT's next fight with a small group of members, including an official. TT knowing that EOS was full of shit jumped back into the crash war to teach them a lesson they hoped wouldn't be forgotten. As the crash war progressed over the next few months EOS continued to crash smaller clans who showed up in small forces to contribute to our cause throughout the crash war. Meanwhile the four clans on our side found a new way to get fun and clean fights. We went through a rotation of fighting each other and having another one AC the fight, and as soon as VR or EOS showed up on the world we would all go quickly show them off the world. These fights proved to be a turning point in the crash war, as EOS and VR saw that we were getting clean and fun fights, while they were receiving none. After a few months all sides agreed to a truce and the crash war ended much shorter than the predecessor before had.


After the second crash war was over we focused on separating ourselves from any pre-existing informal alliances and focus on ourselves and not other clan's problems. Our days of crash wars were put behind us, hopefully forever. Our focus was shifted to quality and steady growth. With our new found focus we saw the improvements coming slowly, but surely. Our member list only grew slightly but our activity sky rocketed. We didn't mind the member list increasing at a slow rate as long as our pulls stayed high, and they did. We began slowly climbing through the ranks again after so many times in the previous year other clans had given us the death sentence and told us we wouldn't last. We continued to prove all the doubters wrong and worked our way back into a contending clan in the top 5 who could take most clans on any given day. However, we knew that it was time to make a push, a push back to our rightful place, but first things first, the CJ tourney.

2011 CJ Tournament

With the annual CJ tournament coming around we looked to make a splash. No clan though us to be a serious contender to win it all when we entered, the next couple months would prove how wrong they all were. The first few rounds were easy as to be expected, then a familiar opponent was drawn. We were set to take on The Titans, a clan known for their CWA performances. The day the fight came we stood strong with 115 members, no one expected us to pull anywhere near 100 at any point of this tournament. The hype leading up to the fight was well worth it as we started out strong taking a quick lead. At that point TT's teamspeak got taken down and they began leaving after falling to a 15 man disadvantage. After the fight rumors of a rematch circled around, but eventually TT told us they were pulling out of the tournament completely because the same thing was continuously happening. We moved on to the next rounds to take on the likes of Solace and Chivalry Legions taking each down with ease. Then came our next challenge, Violent Resolution was our next draw even though they had been previously knocked out by Reign of Terror. After ROT withdrew from the tournament the tournament officials put VR back into the category to take their place. We knew this would be a challenge and we had to be on top of our game. The day the fight came, we were surprised that we were not able to get up to 100 people. We entered at an immediate disadvantage of 95 vs. 100. However with amazing organization and great leading from our warlords we quickly overcame that disadvantage and never looked back. After the amazing victory we knew there was one clan left in our way, and one win away from the title. Runescape Dinasty continuously retorted that their member quality was far superior to ours and that they would take us easily in any matched opts fight we ever entered against them. This was our chance to throw it all back in their face. This was the most hyped fight of the tournament for us, because after all it was for the title. The day the fight came both clans stood strong with 100 people as expected. The fight started off and it was instantly neck and neck, as the fight went on we began to take control with amazing leading from Azian freak1. He gave us the lead and after he was finally killed we never looked back as the rest of our callers never faltered with that lead. When it was all said and done we had taken down the self-proclaimed best man-for-man clan on even numbers. This was our moment and we all knew how much it meant.

Our quest to regain #1, and a new record.

Eventually our members grew hungry, hungry to be the best. Our eyes were set on a new goal and that goal was being the top clan. We began tearing through all the other clans around our level and our strength was undeniably growing. Once again we looked to show off our strength in a week prep against The Titans. Everyone considered TT as a stronger clan than us but we hoped to prove them wrong. No one knew the madness that was about to ensue. The fight started off with both clans on even number ranging between 90 and 100. It started out even but eventually we gained control of the fight, however TT quickly brought it back and the fight would go back and forth for not 1, not 2, not 3, but for the next 22 hours. Eventually with our members growing tired, and our numbers sitting at around 80 people we fought out the next 2 hours to see where it would take us. We realized that both clans could keep going for hours and saw that TT had no intention to call it off. Our officials convened, and the decision was made to call it off at 24 hours. An entire day of battle, and a new record. Most people saw this as the beginning of our next slump, which was strengthened by the fact that soon after we were defeated in a 15 hour fight against our hated rivals Corruption. The next few months would prove how wrong everyone was. With Corruption climbing back into their hole and refusing to fight us, and with us beating all the competition around our level we separated ourselves from the pack and stood out as the #3 clan behind VR and RSD. We knew we wanted that top spot, and we decided it was time to claim it. We began fighting VR on an almost daily basis and each time we grew stronger. A few fights with RSD were sprinkled in but our main opponent was VR. As we continued to get stronger the fights became closer and closer as we began to close the gap. Eventually it became a free-for-all for that #1 spot with us arguably being the weakest of the three due to our much smaller member list; however we were still able to win fights against both clans. The fight for #1 is still up for grabs among the three and as we continue to grow we will keep our eyes set on it until we achieve it.

Summer of 2011: Divine Summer.

The summer marked an historic time for the clan world. The #1 was being battled out between RSD, VR & DF. Although we suffered several losses against both clans, we managed to grab few time caps victories over both VR & RSD throughout the summer. Towards end of June, we weren't getting any fights from any other clan besides the two named because of our growing #'s and solid performances. However, EoS had gotten a mass join from a country clan beginning of July. Quickly, they stepped up and fought us. They ended up defeating us in a few hours PKRI. We knew we had to shut them down, and we did. During mid-July, we were AC'ing for a late night fight. EoS, cocky and desperate for action, hit us without knowing how much resilient we are. Dennis, the only official there at the time, decided to call it mandatory and a fight between DF & EoS had started at 11 PM EST which ended up lasting till 2 AM EST. We ended up being the victors of the fight, making EoS slump for the next 2 months. After putting them aside, a new challenge rose up. It was Reign Of Terror who had come out of their few months slump. After beating them in a time cap, they proceeded to beat us in an uncapped PKRI. Their leader attempted afterward to make us slump with exposing us on RSC - claiming that we have guests accounts passwords and that our forums are not safe. Without knowing what mess they got into, we went on to beat them in an uncapped/unplanned PKRI ending with 270+ Options. The summer ended with RoT closing and the top 5 no longer being competitive as in the past (considering clans like EoS/Corr/TR/Solace could be #5).

Fall 2011: The Crash War against EoS.

The end of summer hit us hard. Several people left us because of RL reasons. People started retiring. Our ML went low as 75 and 11 FA's. Despite the tough tines, we kept fighting and suffered major losses against EoS who seemed to have gained some momentum. However, around the end of September, we set up a PK trip, called out EoS and defeated them 6 hours into the PKRI. This was the start of a 14-0 run. EoS claimed we had DDoS'd them in that fight, which we obviously didn't (they admit they found out it wasn't us few weeks later). Two days later, we hunted them and threw them down within 2 hours. They decided to plan a PK trip during the Sunday of that week. We once again planned to hunt them, which we did. Many WL members had decided to join us because of our growing Brazilian/Portuguese unit. With the clan growing positively, we smashed EoS out of the top 5 and forced them to not have a legit fight against another clan for over a month - but only crashing us. This started a crash war. While our pulls remained from 70 to 80, EoS pulls dropped from 55 to ~25. After over a month, both higher officials met and discussed, coming into conclusion to go to our own paths and ending the crash war. DF is still competing for #1 and improving everyday. I'll let the reader be the judge into who was damaged the most from this crash war, regardless of the rumors & stories.

Winter 2011 / End of 2011: Achieving #1

As clans got out from their crash wars that was happening at the time, the wilderness became once again arguably active. Hoping to prove our dominance as soon as possible, we quickly got fights with VR & RSD, the top 2 clans at the time. Although we lost the first two fights against the two clans in November/December, we bounced back by defeating VR 3 straight times and RSD in an uncapped fight. We ended the last week of 2011 by PKing twice and calling EoS twice, making TT end their prep'd PK, and finally winning a 2 hours cap against VR with 103 solid DF members on the battlefield. Although it is true that we must beat clans "numerous" of times to prove that we are the best clan out there, it is not our fault that clans refuse to lose against us - hence declining our offers. Until proven otherwise, we ended the 2011 as the best F2P Clan, and that was the goal set before starting the year.

Although we are moving to 2012, we'll never forget the good times we went through in 2011. We will continue being a dominant and fun clan to be in.

January 2012: Return of the Kings

We started out the year by hunting Corruption first (& I believe last) PKtrip in 2012. We quickly massed our troops on the first January, and set out to hunt them. They fought back, fought for about 5 minutes until they were done. I believe this was our last fight against Corruption we ever had. A week into January, we had challenged RSD for a fight. We ended that fight with ~370ish options in-game, and had won that fight to prove that we were the #1 clan of RS. Upon proving such, we went on to defeat VR & other clans several times. For about 2 weeks, no top clan had fought us because of our activity & strength. However, the during last week of January, we suffered losses against TT & RSD, and finally VR's in that week prep in which lasted 8 hours but was filled of DDoS attacks and crashers. The month ended, it was unclear whether we were still the top clan of RS, but we sure had a blast during January.

February 2012: The loss of power

As the new month began, we saw a decrease of activity in our clan. We no longer were the top clan of the game, but rather a contender for the top spot. Unfortunately for us, we had lost 2 warlords during February in which we had a hard time replacing later on. The month didn't have any special event, it was really us trying to climb back to the top spot as we experienced it for about a month and felt like we deserved more than just that.

March/April 2012: The struggle

With the officials team being unstable at the time, DF went through once again tough times. The leadership tried their best to try out new things; such as improving performances in CWA and such. We had managed to fight different clans during this time, but our activity slacked and it showed off with the poor turnouts and performances. During this time, the CJ Tourny had started so we used this tournament as motivation to come back stronger.

May 2012: Coming back strong

During May, we had won against clans like Solace, VR & TT (by hunting TT and making them end their PK). Our pulls went up, and we had gone through the finals of the CJ tourny in the F2P Full Out category for the third straight year. We had to face RSD, and both clans pulled 97 people as the fight started. Despite the strong will to win this fight, RSD went on to have the victory due to their better performance in general. The loss had disappointed us, but there was no need to dwell on it because we knew that there would be many more opportunities in the future to redeem ourselves and it was just a matter of time to do such.

June 2012: Jagex Cup 2012

After a disappointed loss against RSD in the Cj Tourney, Jagex announced to have the Jagex Cup started later in June. Despite some controversy about joining the tournament itself, the leadership decided it would be in DF's best interests to participate and give it a go in the tournament. One of the main motives were the fact that Jagex announced a new combat system, and Mod Timbo had announced that it would have been the last Jagex Cup of RS as it stands. Despite fighting VR & RSD during this month, the clan was in a tough position in terms of clans fights. Solace got into a crash war with EoS, VR & RSD both pulled more than DF and TT had gone off the radar because of their slump. We still adventured the CWA, and the wilderness of course, but the lack of possible fights was our biggest enemy during this time.
Fall 2012 - February 2013: EOC
With the on-going crash war we found ourselves unable to find our usual opponents and so our biggest challenge was keeping up activity. Despite the situation we remained fairly active fighting clans of all levels in all types of fights. While trucking on through a tough era the clan world was hit with an even obstacle: EOC.
EOC served as another obstacle for the clan world, decimating most clans as we watched a large amount of clanner's and even clans of all sizes give their final good-bye to the clan community. While most struggled we kept active and competitive throughout the drought. In-game fights were a lot less appealing but we remained positive and made the best of it.
February 2013 - Present: Old School
While EOC started to slowly dismantle clanning as we knew it, Jagex threw us the Old School Servers. The hype built up fast with the reopening of several clans and a tens of thousands of players returning to the game. Within the first week of the release we decided to move over. While the boost of the clan worlds population as well as the games daily players has been dwindling we stand strong today with 60 active members and remain competitive with the top clans of RS as we always have.





- Written by 10ip10ip1ip, Legolas86880, Dennisbruv, Omniusha, Blue Wall, XshinobizX & True 2k8.

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