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Getting on IRC (Step by step guide)

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Since there's quite a few of you don't know what IRC is/how to get onto our IRC, here's a step by step guide on getting on #df in SeersIRC. IRC is chat client and it's one of the ways we communicate with each other. It's a great place to meet the new people and interact with the community.
If you've gone through this guide and still are having issues, post on this topic.
Hope to see you all around.  :)
1. NNScript + mIRC [Recommended because of the added benefits that comes with NNScript/mIRC]





  1. Go to the following links and download the two programs. (NNScript) and (mIRC).
  2. After you have them both downloaded, go to your desktop and click on "Launch NNscript"
  3. Now that you have NNScript downloaded and open, you'll have to set up your nickname first. Go to Tools --> Options --> Connect. You'll need to fill out the Full Name/Email Address/Nickname/Alternative boxes.
  4. The Full Name/Email Address do not matter. Put anything you want. The Nickname/Alternative, however, do matter. Put the name you want to be displayed as to others in IRC in those boxes. If you want to show up as Dickbutt, put Dickbutt in those boxes. If you want to be known as DannyIsANoob1, put DannyIsANoob1 in those boxes. It would look like this one you're done filling it out.
  5. After you've done that, go "Servers" on the left hand side. Scroll down until you find "SeersIRC" and click on it. A dropdown will appear with "Random Server". Click on the Random Server that appears under SeersIRC to highlight it, and then click ok. It would look like this.
  6. Once you have both your nickname set and the server selected, it's time to get onto the server! Press the Connect button and it should connect you to SeersIRC. If you've connected properly, a few lines of messages should come up, once of them being "Your nickname is not registered". If it says that "This nickname is registered and protected", that means someone has already taken that nickname and you'll have to find another one (go back to Step 4 and refill out the Nickname/Alternative until you find a nickname that says "Your nickname is not registered").
  7. Once you've found an available nickname, use the following command; '/msg nickserv register [Put the password that you want] [Put an email that can be used incase you forget your password or ever need to recover it]' and press enter. An example would be '/msg nickserver register imapeanut4536'. Press enter and if you've done it properly, a confirmation message should appear that looks like this.
  8. Now that you've got a nickname registered, it's time to edit the settings so you can join #df instantly. Head back to Tools --> Options --> Options --> Perform and a new window should pop-up.
  9. Once you have the Perform window up, check off the "Enable Perform on connect" box. After you've done that, click on Add, scroll down and click on SeersIRC. It should say "SeersIRC" under your Network now
  10. Now, type the following commands into your Perform commands:
    /join #df
    The first command will autoidentify you (prove to IRC that you're the owner of the nickname by using your password connected to your nickname). The second command will make you automatically join #df. It should look like this. If it does press okay on both the Perform window and the Options window. 
  11. After that, you should be done! Close and reopen NNScript and press the "Connect" button again. It should now automatically identify you and then join #df and you'll be able to talk to and interact with our community.:)
  12. To connect to IRC in the future with NNScript, just repeat step 11.

2. Website IRC [Easiest but limited compared to NNScript]





  1. Go to the top of our forums and click on the IRC tab. This will redirect you to and it should look like this.
  2. Pick the nickname you want everyone to see you as in the box beside "Nickname" and press start. If you want to show up as Dickbutt, put Dickbutt in those boxes. If you want to be known as DannyIsANoob3, put DannyIsANoob3 in those boxes. If the name you've chosen is currently being used, it will say "Nickname already taken". If the nickname you've chosen is already registered (basically it's already claimed by someone else), it will open a new tab and give you a message saying "This nickname is registered and protected."
  3. Once you've found yourself an available nickname, you'll have to register it (claim it as your own). You should be redirected to a new tab and a message saying "Your nickname is not registered" should appear. If you see this message, that mean the nickname is free for you to claim. To register/claim it, type the following command, '/msg nickserv register [Put the password that you want] [Put an email that can be used incase you forget your password or ever need to recover it]' and press enter. An example would be '/msg nickserver register imapeanut4536'. If done properly, a confirmation message will appear under the initial two messages, saying "Nickname (your nickname here) has been registered under your hostmask".
  4. Once you see that message, refresh the irc page to bring it back to the homepage. Put the nickname you just registered in the Nickname box, tick the "I have a password" box and then fill out the password box with the password you just registered your nickname with. It should look like this.
  5. Press the start button and you should get automatically redirected to #df where you can now talk and chat with everyone.:)
  6. To connect to IRC in the future with the WebIRC on DF forums, repeat steps 4 and 5.

3. Swiftkit





  1. The Swiftkit client has it's own built in IRC program. It can be downloaded here. 
  2. Once you have it downloaded, go to your desktop and launch the program. Click on "Show Internal Utilities" on the bottom right and then click on the blue chatbox tab that appears in the interface that pops up.
  3. Click on New Server window. A new tab in the chat should appear titled N/A. Type "/server" into the N/A tab, like this and press enter.
  4. Pressing enter with the above command will automatically open up a new tab called SeersIRC. It should say your nickname is not registered. 
  5. Now it's time for you to create your nickname (the name you want to be shown to others). To do this, type "/nick [Name you want to be]". If you want others to see you as Dickbutt, type '/nick Dickbutt'. If you want to see you as DannyIsANoob2, type '/nick DannyIsANoob2'. If it's available your nick will change to what you selected and no message will appear. However, if the nickname is already by someone else or is already registered, you'll get an automatic response, saying "This nickname is registered and protected." and you'll be forced to change your name. 
  6. Once you've found yourself an available nickname, you need to register it (basically claim it as your own). Type the following command to register it: '/msg nickserv register [Put the password that you want] [Put an email that can be used incase you forget your password or ever need to recover it]' and press enter. An example would be '/msg nickserver register imapeanut4536'. If done properly, it should give a confirmation message like this, saying that the nickname is now registered under your hostmask.
  7. Now that you've registered your nick, click on the Start tab to go back to the main menu, go to Options, and then click on Add on the Chat Options Window that pops up. This should bring up a new window called "Edit Server."
  8. On the Edit Server window, fill out the following information (pink text is what you should put in the blank box):
    Name: SeersIRC
    Server Hostname:
    Server Port: 6667
    Nickname: Put the nickname you picked out and registered above earlier here. (Example: DannyIsANoob2)
    Nickname Password: Put the password that you chose from above here, the one you registered the nickname to. (Example imapeanut4536)
    (Leave Server Password/Backup Nickname/Real Name blank).
    It should look like this.
  9. You should now be at Auto join channels, click on Add and an Edit Channel windows should appear. Type #df in the channel name and leave the key/password blank. Click save on the Edit Channel window.
  10. Below that, check off the boxes beside "Enable auto join channels" and "Auto-identify with Nickserv" and then click Save on the Edit Server window. The Edit Server window should look like this before you save it. Under Connect to a Server, it should now have "SeersIRC (". Press ok on the chat options.
  11. You should now be back at the main interface where you started off from. Beside Select Profile, click on the drop-down arrow and there should be one called "SeersIRC". Click on that and some information should automatically appear. Press connect and you'll be automatically join #df where you can now talk and hang out.
  12. To connect to DF's IRC in the future with Swiftkit, repeat step 11.

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