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From Intro to FA

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In Divine Forces we value our capability to involve all our members to the community. In order to prevent a new person to be a total stranger upon joining, we want guests to hang around our community for at least one week prior to posting an FA-application.


As an intro you are not required to attend our mandatory events. Your time as intro-guest is merely a time of getting to know the clan and vice-versa. It is possible that during this period you do not yet meet our requirements. However, you are encouraged to be at IRC and/or Teamspeak and we might invite you to come to our events.


When hanging around the clan there is always people to interact with. Whether it might be on IRC, Teamspeak or ingame. If you're still training or if you are just starting, there will be countless of people wanting to help you. Whether it is just giving out tips on how to train or doing fun stuff together (PvM/PK-trips).

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