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  1. Hello :)

  2. yo

    Shiiii thats my guy
  3. Hello

    Damn I remember you
  4. Favorite ASMR?

    The one where the lady of afrocarribean descent eats a gerkin or something
  5. Whats good fam

  6. Hey ppl

  7. Strong gains again btw

    Yes lad
  8. Divine Forces 13th Birthday

    Woo, HBD!
  9. Hmm still very powerful, i like
  10. Armadyl loot btw!

    Dude you're still alive
  11. Premier League Fantasy Football 18/19

    Nigerian Princes again boiz, ready to compete like last year ;D
  12. Fan Appreciation

    geisha OP
  13. What kind of milk do you like?

  14. Divine Forces Smashes Dk And Jaja

    Yesss DF
  15. Howl Intro

    @AR07 u remember? u were baby
  16. Howl Intro

    @Howl sup lad, I remember you!
  17. It me :helpfulbitch: