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  1. Mining forces pet!

    Congrats Got mine at 78 mining off volcanic ash rocks
  2. I accidentally hopped into a team of 10+ with my duo friend so i quickly busted out my gmaul and spanked the tber before making my escape Good ol' Jimmy Jamal
  3. Pking On The Iron

    I feel special with an icon beside my name
  4. Hope you guys enjoyed 2 free ballistas c: Fun trip to tag along for the last little bit, appreciated those 2k world clears the other day.
  5. Are traps gay?

    When i see shad i think of Shadbase. so no; traps are not gay. c: All though the first one kinda looks like king awowogei .. the second one probably smells like ketchup(choker) the 3rd is ok but holy plastic batman
  6. Rate the song above

    5/10 above ^ Clan color is purple right? Here you go...
  7. Pking On The Iron

    Hey guys, Normies here. Recently bought immunity off you guys for 10m But if you ever need a +1 for trips lmk :-P Here's some nice PK's I've gotten today earlier