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  1. Well, my lootpic isn't in here so I'm glad to know I'm not a noteworthy kill. Glad you guys had fun elsewhere.
  2. Divine Forces +1 Snatching Fiends

    Df ballista squad cleaning out my friends banks, bit awks. Good shit guys, hope it was fun.
  3. Which Trilogy do you prefer ?

    Lord of the rings is the only trilogy up there you fucking reject lmfao
  4. Divine Forces Annihilates Renegades

    Yo GZ to that random flamel kid who finally learned to take screenies
  5. Finger got sore scrolling through all the FAT LOOT. Ty for free money rev caves
  6. Ironmeme

  7. Dex trio

    Sub 1 hr raid big gz
  8. Nav Season Intro


  10. 1. Real life/preferred name: Ryan 2. Display name: Flamel 3. Previous names & aliases: Wb Ryan, moneybagsbob, basically any AF meme names 4. About yourself: I'm a bit of a jack of all trades, I do PvM, PvP and I'm maxed total on my main. I'm currently in Vintage for RSB and fun pk trips and I'm an ex-Oblivion PvM member, but I'm still active within their community. 5. Clan history: Oblivion PvM 2014-2018 Ancient Fury - 2015 - close Vintage Dec 2017 - Current member 6. Where did you hear about DF? Known of DF for years through various RSC/CWA fights. 7. Do you know anyone in DF? List them: Ethan, was in af with Stahl/pickle girl but we don't remember each other much 8. Reason for introduction: A few of the Vintage boys are also introing, we feel we can have a positive impact on the clan 9. Additional comments: Seb is big gay
  11. Giant Squirrel

    Late gz cause fuck your force topic