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  1. Lil Zik

    Damn nice
  2. it doesnt end (btw)

    You have to expect it tbh, the scrolls are like 3x as common Free bonds anyway
  3. Raids unique 8/15 btw (called)

    Gz y iron btw?
  4. Good Gains Come in 5s

    Gz Think Wintertodt is slower exp at some levels
  5. Saper's Intro

    Hey m8
  6. Ty bird

    Good birb
  7. 115 comb

    Grats man Dont stop!
  8. B2B2B2B Purple - Rapier, Helm, Staff, Chest

    Thats fucking disgusting Good job
  9. 93 slayer

    Grats Smoke devil pet incoming
  10. Ploot's Intro

    Welcome to the forums m8
  11. 5 Today

    Low level hunter sucks, but you only have to do it once Keep it up
  12. Divine Forces Sunday Feast

    Alot of big kills, nice job guys

    Hope you got fucked
  14. Heart - PK Video

    Damn sexy af tab <3
  15. Cashews

    Like all nuts