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  1. First pet!

    Yea boy!!!
  2. Wow this was hard work

    Gratz mate :D! Back 2 RuneCrafting now!
  3. 5 on it

    Gratz mate keep it up
  4. Hey

    Welcome Aidan 2 the community
  5. Gnarly intro

    Ye mate I was Warlord I think Nice to meet ya. My name was xVideos back then.
  6. Gnarly intro

    Hey Cody welcome to the community. You were a RUin member?? Isn't that Syracuse's clan?
  7. Divine Forces Tuesday Tombola

    Looked like y'all really had fun Great loot
  8. Ninety eight Part I

    Start doing agility again mate! Get that out of the way
  9. 2100 Total

    The milestone!
  10. Ok then

    Free mula!
  11. Slow progress

    Gratz! Getting there mate!
  12. Shut up - PK Video

  13. Just wanted to say hi

    Welcome back and uhhmm Runescape has changed a lot. Ur always welcome to rejoing bro F2P wars don't happen no more its all about the P2P stuff and you really gotta have a heart to start playing again if u miss the game that much. Good luck