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  1. Pack it up boys Donalds fucked

    lol either way I could care less as long as he's gone
  2. 88 attack

    great job, congrats on your new lvl
  3. Apprentice Farmer

    that's great...keep up on that hard work
  4. Fletching day

    great job, gonna have to teach me on that one lol
  5. 96

    wow that's awesome congrats on your new lvl keep it up you're doing great

    happy birthday, hope you had a wonderful day
  7. Pack it up boys Donalds fucked

    I just honestly can't wait till trump is out of office no offense but he's just political and doesn't know much about politics...he needs to go back to doing what he knows best
  8. Divine Forces Player Killing Wednesday

    wow that's some nice loot you obtained... way to go!!! you guys are looking great out there
  9. DGTX Says hello

    hey there diego welcome back to rs hope you continue to enjoy yourself and keep building up
  10. Mille introduction.

    welcome Darren hope you enjoy yourself
  11. 118 combat 99 str (:

    great job on your lvl keep it up you're doing a great job
  12. Divine Forces Thursday Sweep

    your client layout, how it's different on the side. it looks cleaner and more organized than what I'm looking at.
  13. Divine Forces Thursday Sweep

    that's pretty sick but question how come your layout is different?
  14. So apparently I haven't quite figured this out...I wanna post a picture of my stats just to show my improvements but I can't seem to find what I need to do.  Any input is greatly appreciated, thanks :)