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  1. Sanguinetesti Stafferino

    Very good
  2. POKÉMON Detective

    Lets hope its better than the Detective Pikachu game was
  3. Hello

    Nice to see you again lad, welcome
  4. Divine Forces Sunday ft Dk, TS, Vit

    DK are actual dogs lmao
  5. Sister Shook

    Feels good to get drops again
  6. loot from 1k snapdragon seeds

    Very good
  7. Avernic Defender Hiltaroo

    F I N A L L Y
  8. Chose to be ace2cool for halloween

    Grats nigga
  9. Well Deserved for Helping a Sister

    I'm going to need everyone to stop enabling @Murray to be trash at the game ty
  10. Divine Forces Tuesday Tombola

    GJ pals
  11. Sup

    Welcome back around bro
  12. Hey I got a sack as well

    Need 31 more scrolls to fill my sack -.-
  13. 99 stealing

    Grats big guy
  14. Divine Forces Friday ft DK

    Very good
  15. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DANNY!@!@!~!~!!@!@!

    Happy birthday dude love you xo