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  1. man of the roofs

    gainz gz dude
  2. Strong killer, big wow

    so close, gz dude
  3. The grind is over!

    gz bud
  4. max cmb

    thank you, my computer turned off on me and all the pictures for today are gone for some reason sadly...............disregard fixed thanks for pointing it out
  5. max cmb

    Thanks for everyone who showed up, sorry for those who was not online. It was a grind and finally done and now its time to move on....2200 here i come.
  6. Support my Dreams.

    lol gl
  7. 99 Prayer

    gz -=]
  8. 2100 total achievedd :D

    very nice gz habibi lets get 2200 together
  9. Clue Scroll Rewards

    break from cmb again,
  10. 99 Herblore

    gz m8
  11. Hey I spent money again lol

    one step closer to maxing nice...
  12. 200M Cooking

    runescape is the real life , gz bruh