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  1. The State of PvP

    I'm pretty sure the color-blind correction will fix everything.
  2. Monkey Slaying

    Officially sick of these things after one task.
  3. Redwoods giveth

    Nice beaver.
  4. What tilts you irl?

  5. Most Riveting Chats with IMK #15

    Sounds delicious.
  6. Nora the Cub

    Makes me want a Coke.
  7. loot from 1000 hill giants

  8. Going to the Cinema

    I usually get dragged to the movies by somebody else. If I wanted to see something bad enough, I wouldn't care to go by myself. Why feel awkward? Ain't nobody paying you no mind anyways.
  9. What have you eaten today?

    Grilled chicken legs, baked potato, corn, and a salad.
  10. Headset

    I've had a set of Turtle Beach Recon 50P that have lasted me for about 7 years. Pretty solid piece of plastic.
  11. Association Game