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  1. Small Gains & Big Losses

    Oh, I don't want sympathy. I'm not entirely that upset about it. I've got a baby on the way and a wife to take care of, so all of this was about to be out the window anyway. I figured it would be a good laugh for those who felt like reading it
  2. Went ahead and finished this up in nmz; not much def gains to be had with slayer. After that decided to alch up to some magic. Time to switch to plank make, but first let me kill off the rest of these alchs the easy way... oops. I was getting pretty worn out on the game and was thinking it was time for a break. So, I figured in the unlikely case that I got flagged then the worst that would happen is a few months ban and I can just take that break I was thinking about. Yeah, they fucked me up with a permaban for macroing ~10k alchs That's Jagex I guess. RIP Clowd; your 10 years of membership fees were not enough to forgive this heinous crime.
  3. Faze Clan Drama

    Rough breakup.. been there. Luckily didn't have the bitch's name tatted on me.
  4. didnt i tell you ? # the grind

    Good job.
  5. The State of PvP

    I'm pretty sure the color-blind correction will fix everything.
  6. Monkey Slaying

    Officially sick of these things after one task.
  7. Redwoods giveth

    Nice beaver.
  8. What tilts you irl?

  9. Most Riveting Chats with IMK #15

    Sounds delicious.
  10. Nora the Cub

    Makes me want a Coke.
  11. loot from 1000 hill giants