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  1. *Lighter flick*.... *inhale*... DF spits hot fire
  2. Mmmm B Ring

    Doing some claw rushing last night with a buddy, found 2 other claw/dbow rushers, got him for d bow and mmmmm B ring also me dying to fools
  3. 93/99 prayer

    I hope that I'm posting this progress update in the correct place. Yikes lol
  4. Divine Forces Sunday PK ft UNK

    The deep provided us well yesterday. Yum yum
  5. Divine Forces Friday PK ft Sv

    Gf lesser purple hahaha sit
  6. THANKS UNK & OFFICER PONG You just payed for so much of my prayer.
  7. Anti PKing featuring 90 Prayer

    @oldghz You already know!
  8. Anti PKing featuring 90 Prayer

    @Rene kinda camped pray mage until doors of kbd so they didnt really have a choice but yeah still lucky 1 sip of restore 5 sips of sara left. If i got fulled it was over with lol
  9. Well boys, it was an interesting day. After slapping some kids and SV in the rev caves this afternoon, I decided to get back on the long prayer grind. Being at how I don't want my K-D to plummet any more past the noob level it is, and can't sweat out this 99 right away, I decided to gear up in some whale gear and shoot down some solos at the altar while training. It wasn't all fun and games I died once today to a 66 - 32 ags/gmaul combo and almost smashed my computer, then later I got skull tricked by a cute solo squad who called themselves Hobgoblins. Well these thick heads skull tricked my ass for about 10m so I took the half like a man and tanked to kbd and made it out to about 15 guys, half were in semi max. Oda Block actually came by on stream and swooped the focus off of me a couple times, so I was thankful for the assist. Other than those hiccups, the kills came smoothly. I made roughly 4m and used about 9m in bones so I'm cutting my losses back a good chunk. It's hard to focus on the level when there's so much juice. Feel free to hit me up and get in on it this weekend This poor guy had it coming I asked what bones he said hydra, worth the skull lolol This guy no arm with noted so I said fuck it, turned out he didn't have much Looted most of it before I screenshotted This one I was attacked in multi by two, one ran I chased, the other logged, when I came back the one that logged was fighting this guy in the pic, so I pjed him, killed him and looted even though I knew I was gonna be skulled :D. Biscuits and gravy. Got out and had this rat on me for "stealing his kill" lol Last but certainly not least
  10. lil pk (overall 18m :D)

    Rip 25 buttholes lol
  11. And the grind begins

    Word thanks guys @Dylan in game name when I get on later/tomorrow Ill add you
  12. didnt i tell you ? # the grind

    Niceeee almost there big dog
  13. Good amount of xp from 126 cb but 10k d bones should get me close. Feel free to add me and come kill some kids at the altar when I'm training! Some full ge out there
  14. Lovely day for shooting people in the caves massive fun thank you all donators!