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    have u guy got a cc I can idle in and get to know u guys?
  3. My Intro

    1. Real life/preferred name: Jay 2. Display name: HattyJayy 3. Previous names & aliases: Gmt Hatty 4. About yourself: hello, im from Essex im 26 and for some reason I always find myself coming back to runescape. im not going to lie I have never been in a main warring clan before, about 2-3months ago I decided to go main from having 1def. since being back for about a yr I have not join any clan until now. (hopefully you guys) 5. Clan history: back in the day pure clan, Calamity 6. Where did you hear about DF? I was pking with a friend when I see u guy warring near Ca 7. Do you know anyone in DF? List them: nope no1 I had to google u guys after I see u win the war 8. Reason for introduction: I would like to be apart of the clan 9. Additional comments: i dont have much experience on main pking but i am willing to learn