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  1. 'Small Game Improvements'

    F2P pvp getting some :]
  2. Hey :)

    Previous deleted, assigned a new one, which I do not remember credentials for
  3. Hey :)

    1. Real life/preferred name: Paul 2. Display name: shookees 3. Previous names & aliases: Paul Warhung (pre-osrs) 4. About yourself: Fresh outta uni, started working and considering to get back into RS. Haven't really scaped for quite a while. 5. Clan history: Started around 2006-2007 with local clan - RSG, which went on and off for quite a while, later around 2009-2010 joined TRWF and LPT (yet another Lithuanian clan) for a brief moment as they were perishing. Stayed with TRWF until closing and interest in the game gradually died. With reintroduction of OSRS, joined post-peak Liths and stayed until the end. Joined DF but couldn't keep my performance up to par and left. Seldom participated with whatever CE was doing, until closure. 6. Where did you hear about DF? Already knew about you during pre-osrs era, in osrs, probably some Liths like @`Q3 recommended checking you guys out. 7. Do you know anyone in DF? List them: Looking through memberlist, quite a lot of known names, tho I did not keep up any connections. 8. Reason for introduction: Saying hello, maybe FA once I become decent in game. 9. Additional comments: -