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  1. Hello

    Hi there
  2. Intro Lads ;)

    Hello everyone 😀
  3. Intro Lads ;)

    Hi Guyss glad to be here
  4. Divine Forces Friday Smallman Sweep

    SO sick lads! I wanna get involved asap!!haha
  5. Intro Lads ;)

    Heyyy Rob
  6. Intro Lads ;)

    Jesse I mean toxic people within the clan you are in...not the people you are killing
  7. Intro Lads ;)

    hows it going bob bro?
  8. Intro Lads ;)

    im looking forward too meeting Ross now dunno how too take that last message hahaah! and Manjep I made a fortune haha! people are so dumb out there
  9. Intro Lads ;)

    Hello Everyone pleased too meet you all!
  10. Intro Lads ;)

    Hi Jules
  11. Intro Lads ;)

    Nice Mate, so whats the script? how long do I need too chill in the bare discord before I can get involved and meet the actual clan members and join in pking etc?
  12. Intro Lads ;)

    From Scotland my man you?
  13. Intro Lads ;)

    1. Real life/preferred name: Most call me Gaffer but either that or Ryan I don't mind. 2. Display name: Big Gaffer 3. Previous names & aliases: Spiritu Mage il explain later 4. About yourself: Scottish guy with great banter, can have a laugh and can turn anything negative into something positive. 5. Clan history: I was in Divine PvM for a while but constant pvm is boring. 6. Where did you hear about DF? Heard them being mentioned on DMM. 7. Do you know anyone in DF? List them: Sorry, No. willing too meet some cool people though. 8. Reason for introduction: Just want to join a decent clan with good atmosphere...hate toxic people who think they are crazy over the is too short too be a cunt. Hope too chat too some of you soon. Peace 9. Additional comments: