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  1. Knockin' Out Reqs

    first event with DF/first main p2p war:
  2. Kalphite is easy

    fat grat
  3. Ward's intro

    Welcome, Ward. I'm new here as well. also 2. Display name: Milfcocktail lmfao
  4. Is this rare?

    yea pretty rare i think
  5. A lvl50 Eevee appeared..

    gl out there soldier
  6. looks interesting, recently got hbo again so i'll probably give it a go
  7. getting there

    big things
  8. Caught the tale end, was fun, many died to purple df men
  9. looked like you owned out there
  10. 2 more

    gl in chemotherapy
  11. 700m

    1 fat grat to u
  12. Iron average achievement

    damn dude grats
  13. 1000

    holy shit