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  1. "Who Remembers When"

    which was usually one that used to be good and unretired but couldn't catch up to how everything had changed.
  2. Just out of curiousity?

    Two wrongs are only the beginning. Followed closely by "F*** Kor"
  3. One time I played 24 hours straight just to lose to TT
  4. "Who Remembers When"

    Hmm I know I kicked someone else for 3 strike accumulation. So at least you aren't the only one!
  5. Sealing Envelopes

    Used to just use tape on some invoices that I would send out each month, but eventually got tired of finding the tape and just went back to licking it to get it done quicker.
  6. Favorite place you've ever traveled?

    Turks and Caicos
  7. From around df, would probably have to be @Bunty We would have met in 2005/06 when DF and Valor were allied together.
  8. Damn, ya'll going wild on everyone
  9. Divine Forces Rev Caves Feast

    Well done DF! Jealous of all this newfound wealth
  10. 70 Prayer

  11. Maxed

  12. Mistakes!

  13. Mistakes!

    Fumbled, just like that Patriots.