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  1. god bless the ba crew

    np for carry
  2. 99 Prayer

    what an absolute beast. donate 99 pray for me plz
  3. - 1650 total - all quests and miniquests done - 105 cmb gonna be training combat from now on, so expect some abrupt combat gains.
  4. lol I still have higher PC than you IMK.
  5. look at the date on the report button exactly 1 month ago
  6. combat level is 100, QP 240 good?
  7. I think there's a resurge in anti-Ironman rhetoric because at this point in time RuneScape has not yet learned how to be multicultural, and I think we're going to be part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place. RuneScape is not going to be the monolithic community that they once were in the previous decade, and us Ironmen will be at the center of that. It's a huge transformation for the RuneScape community to make. RuneScape is now going into a multicultural mode, and I think Ironmen will be resented because of our leading role. What are your thoughts? I think the regular RuneScape-account owners have this pathological identity which they latch onto the "normalcy" of their accounts. This identity absolutely has to be done away with and replaced with a new, universal identity in which there is no boundaries between players.
  8. New account

    not too many quests left lads
  9. How does it make you guys feel...

    You sure you want to challenge a 205 cm tall ultra high-T carnivore, like me? I suggest you eat some meat, firstly to fix that complexion of yours. You need some iron in you. You're too pale. Also your facial shape is amorphous, indicating too much soy in the diet. Trust me, I'm a lifestyle coach/personal trainer/nutritional advisor for celebrities who have to get into shape for a movie role, I know this.
  10. How does it make you guys feel...

    Serious thought exercise: imagine having a daughter, and then having ME in town. How would you cope with the fact that your daughter would want to fuck me as soon as she hit puberty, at around 12-13? How would you handle the fact that the girl you spent 16 years raising, is now spending her evenings at my place, being used and abused and GOD KNOWS what else (but you really know exactly what's going on because you spend your nights awake thinking about it)? And now she disobeys you because she has ME in her life, while you, a weak father, only pisses her off because she compares you to me in her mind? How would you exactly handle this? (Hard mode: no killing allowed)
  11. How does it make you guys feel...