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  1. 2100 total achievedd :D

    fair fuckin play haha
  2. Made a Video of yesterdays gwass attemps lol

    ahahahaha is it you guys doing that sara strike trip thing? hahahaha, i was so high when i ran into u guys then l0l, i got rekt
  3. Gwassing Vennies on 9 accounts

    Yeah Oldz, got bored waiting to get into df so i re-joined DK haahahahahhahaha
  4. Clan Wars: Extra Options

    dood, i still remember walking into the red port on a missclick and loosing bank yeeeears ago. HAHAHAHAHAH!
  5. I gotta get in on some of this action soon tbh
  6. Diversity isn't a strength, multiculturalism is a failure
  7. New account

  8. Beng's intro

    yo welcome, don't suppose your a B3NG fan? (call of duty team) ahahaha
  9. Divine Forces 14th Birthday

    Happy birthday boyz
  10. Weird Edit Ft Ma boi Milton Friedman

    hahahaha did you guys like the fucked up edit?