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  1. Another 100 Master Caskets

    holyyyy, inb4 i do 100 caskets and get 5m
  2. 99cook n fletch

    gratz! skillermen
  3. Divine Forces Thursday PK ft Liths

    Gf liths , nice lil scrap to still the hungry gmt shooterz
  4. 14 June 1775 Intro

    Hi there
  5. schafsekel7

  6. Lmao all we do is smite plebs , ez 4 df
  7. how do u sleep

    naked sleeping is a natural aphrodisiac
  8. Team sweden got clapped , daddy rot had to bail them out l00l. Ez 4 DF
  9. big lvl for me

    cookermen gzz
  10. The peace of God is ours through prayer

    Good job my g
  11. [Vid] Df vs Af + Farming Rot

    Nice vid , watched it smiling
  12. TS for staff, rot farmed , casual monday for DF
  13. 200M Cooking

    Damn gz , what to do now LOL

    Long term goal achieved lads , feels GOOD!
  15. 2.2k Total

    Respect, gz man
  16. max combat shagger

    Gratz rob! 126 next
  17. Gwassing Vennies on 9 accounts

    That was Clean asf
  18. 2nd item on my name today raids

    nr1 raider bro :))
  19. 400 IQ DF shooters , ezz smitess