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  1. Love to see the big clumps
  2. Was a nice chat with the bankers after the trip. &&
  3. Divine Forces Friday Feast

    Hell yeah baby, we want some more of that honey. Looking foward to Crane Kick some actual clans, ty for action!
  4. Frog Intro - :]

    Thnx! Gotta teach this isnt like rs, it wont grow asap. Curiosity fact: they cut it to grow cattle, amongst other things
  5. Frog Intro - :]

    And I listened the good advice. I give u credit XD. Thnx!, Pray for God to send new Meat aswell, Im Hungry for some deep wildy action Love back <3
  6. Frog Intro - :]

    You may not ask. Jk =) . Thnx. friend of friends, dating I would say 1 year + I know him. I like that hes the fight back kind of guy. How is he behaving here in Df? haha
  7. Frog Intro - :]

    Looking foward to it! = )
  8. Frog Intro - :]

    Non-fiction. Runescape takes a lot of time with useless things. Will Olms rotation ticks ever matter irl? l0000l Whatever fascinates me, Book recomendation: Meditations by Marcus Aurelius You sr? Nice to meet u too
  9. Frog Intro - :]

    A Lot!!
  10. Frog Intro - :]

    Thnx. The bpm can vary, depends on the mood. This is the generic base line: <-- music The real question is, can I say we share the same love? S2
  11. Frog Intro - :]

    1. Real life/preferred name: Bake/Frog 2. Display name: BALTBSERLEAK 3. Previous names & aliases: ClearSHO0OE Clear7Effect EMPIIIIREE 4. About yourself: Sup i am 22 year's old i love to read books and i have a deep desire for watching movies. I am living life in brazil and pls pray for our forrest and i love electronic music 5. Clan history: Team Karma The Supremes Ansatsu Empire 6. Where did you hear about DF? Legatus Empire and fighthing u in the wilderness 7. Do you know anyone in DF? List them: Arentas Jeppe Toweleyy 8. Reason for introduction: Cuz of daddy LEGATUS and i love the colour purple 9. Are you planning to join DF? YES 10. Additional comments: Feel free to ask me anything