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  1. Dextrous Scroll

    Nice!! Buy me sum think pretty duck
  2. Ancestral Robe Top

    Nice one boys
  3. 2k Total

    Good scaping
  4. 91 Mining

    Nice bit of Scaping there
  5. katie ledecky

    Successfully defending an olympic title at 19 is crazy. Good luck getting sub 8 mins could see it from her.
  6. 90 Mining

    Very Nice .
  7. Goal 2 Completed

    Thats sum good scaping Keep it up
  8. Americans of voting age

    If you could vote it would be for Hillary. Just because i liked Bill when he was around. Has much fun has Trump has been around the past year. I feel he would't make a good leader or person.
  9. Tanz #2

    Nice work Keep it up Brew
  10. 1/3

    Good work Brew