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  1. thankyou for all the warm welcomes muchly appreciated
  2. 1. Real life/preferred name: Code 2. Display name: Scatters 3. Previous names & aliases: Skinny kid,buriednblood,Tre Flips,Chompies 4. About yourself: 23 turning 24 in 2020, will be expecting my first child around march next year, i enjoy surfing and skating i usually work from home so have alot of spare time/gaming time as my job allows me to multi task and play games at the same time Xd, it summer here at the moment in australia so im mostly at the beach trying to get a wave or two but other than that im at home under the air con either playing Runescape/skilling/pking /high risking or csgo and league of legends are my 2 other choices. Currently working towards elite diaries fremmy boots, nearly have ardy cape and would like wildy elite done also. im currently 2026 total and my goal is 2200 total 5. Clan history: Ruin-Closed Tuf-Closed 6. Where did you hear about DF? Known about DF for a while since i started main clanning, always kept a keen on the main clan community also whether playing rs or not. 7. Do you know anyone in DF? List them: No, Sadly. 8. Reason for introduction: Recently started playing my main again, and getting back into everything mains do and would like to try find a new clan to devote to. 9. Are you planning to join DF? Maybe 10. Additional comments: Thanks for taking the time to read my intro, if you have any questions happy to answer and look forward to meeting some of you hopfully