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  1. What happened to Lynx Titan?

    autism attack
  2. What meyer briggs personality are you

    100% das truth bruh
  3. What meyer briggs personality are you

    ENTP, -A/-T but fuck these tests:DdDdDdd how the fugg does algorhitms make this shit right?:DDDD explanations por favor
  4. are you your parent's golden child?

    only child 4ever

    whats the largest of the bbc and africa?
  6. fuck this gender debate gender dualism gender this gender that genderfluid ginger gangbanging shit just go back to traditional roles men = breadwinner and provider and leader of the familia women = manages the household and the property and the social stuff kab00m, (nearly) everyone is happy
  7. The Announcement

    probably jagex making a literal pride event to tackle the homophobia in the rs community shown by the resistance to that mod earlier this summer leather chaps, abbysal whips, slayer helms and dragonstone jewelry everywhere
  8. Downfall has met their....Downfall.

    maybe people will stop calling you guys df2 now
  9. Theresa May and the Holy Grail

    le graal est francais
  10. What deodorant/antiperspirants do you use?

    axe spray to attract the ladies;)
  11. 23 year old copies 13 reasons why

    im gonna copy this shit and blame runescape
  12. Photography?

    phone camera and das filters;-)
  13. after all these years, fagex finally became a thing
  14. Champions League Final Predictions

    real gonna win after ronaldo gets attacked by a swarm of moths and hurt