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  1. Skeletal Visage #2

    Lmao 5k and no pet sucks to suck
  2. 2,230 KC later... first whip

    You poor thing
  3. KQ luck

    nice luclk
  4. Pyromancer

    gratz homie
  5. Armadyl chestplate btw!

    You have good luck, what lottery numbers do I pick
  6. Vorki Pet

    nice lukey
  7. Divine Forces 13th Birthday

    happy birthday
  8. Justiciar Faceguard

    Gratzzz! How much this worth?
  9. More ironman elite achievements

    Free money with that one
  10. killin

    go on bab
  11. Armadyl loot btw!

    nice loot
  12. Giant Squirrel

    bout time
  13. grats me

    grats you
  14. Very second drop from Cliffordddd

    cant wait for you to get the pet in under 500 kc, just gratzing you now