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  1. since rs has mobile now??
  2. Chewing Gum

    ya i dont give a fuck
  3. halloween

    i think is my third time without it
  4. halloween

    nice sounds fun
  5. halloween

    u go trick or treating or party?
  6. important

  7. If you found a wallet on the ground..

    i take the money and leave the wallet on ground
  8. Hey

  9. eminem just released new alblumn

    wow i just listen to the whole thing This album blows anything he made out of the water from past 10+ years I thought i'll never hear the old eminem again..this whole album is all of that. He even incorporate the newer style of rap in some of his verses honestly there isn't even 1 bad song 11/10, fucking incredible and shocked
  10. Wtf this shit is lit 100000x better than revival