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  1. fa.png.a522e9740fe2dd3ebd60ab1f433f66ef.

    Lmao, should be leader not FA
  2. Divine Forces Thursday BBQ Pit

    well done gulf
  3. $$ Money dragon $$

    Guess u can afford to repay the 100m u scammed me now
  4. double treble btw

    10 in a row cant be stopped

    1. Saxo


      scared of stevie g lmfao, dw lad id be shitting it aswell hes come to see the best team in the world lift #55


      just out of hospital been in there for the past 2 weeks, mfw your a fussy cunt and they start moaning your not eating btw

  5. good mornin vietnam

    1. Rinus


      What's up Ser Haggis AKA Braveheart AKA He Who Must Not Be Named

  6. 99 Hitpoints

    Good job Mr DaleJamesW
  7. Rangers gonna win the league


    Brendan who? murtys in town

  8. Rangers gonna win the league once you lose to aberdeen & us


    brendan who? murtys in town

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    2. Stone
    3. Stone
    4. Saxo


      got lucky & that was without our proper defence & morelos missing a 1v1 and a sitter, rogic's goal was seen coming a mile away.


      celtic got dominated the whole gae and got by on a fluke, not sure it's worth bragging about when u know you're fucked next season lol


      Dunno why u bringing up Killie, they've beat celtic too & would smash you'se again lmfao, I'd rather lose to Killie on the form they're on with Clarke than draw to a 10 men motherwell lmfao


      Edit: Oh I see you posted that before you drew to Motherwell, lmfao wouldn't post that now would you lad =] Celtic's reign is over lad just accept it, Brendan out


  9. saxo waxo wuu2

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    2. Saxo


      dont miss me baby im here, teach me some bb code and turn my floppy disk into a hard drive xoxo

    3. Saxo


      happy birthday justy wusty

    4. Justin


      Thanks lad

  10. gf

    1. Rinus


      I outlasted you bitch boy

    2. Saxo


      im still around bitch boy

    3. Rinus


      Still a bitch

  11. how come you're not DF any more

  12. Saxo waxo wuu2 lad

    1. Saxo


      nm justy wusty u?

    2. Justin


      [b]nm you lol [/b]


  13. Water

    might have to go to @Stone and @Saggy house to wake them up, living in dreamland for this long aint good lmfao
  14. Water

    only number thats coming soon is #55, but supporting celtic is bad enough didn't want to rub salt in the wound by bringing it up tbh
  15. Water

    sounds like a load of propaganda to me