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  1. Hunny guest app v3

    Arent they currently the best clan in the game? Makes sense that I would get council then Ben.
  2. Hunny guest app v3

    I’ll overthrow the gay hitler
  3. Hunny guest app v3

    ffs updated the list - including you
  4. Hunny guest app v3

    Real life name: Dale James Winton Original & current RSN: Original: Dalejamesw Current: Dalejamesvv Clan history: Wilderness Guardians (2006 - 2008) Highest Rank: Council / Blacklisted (Blacklisted is a higher rank IMO) Divine Forces (2008 -2014) Highest Rank: High Council Who are your 10 referrals? Looking at the forum memberlist, may be some more/less with people having different IGNs and I don't knows who actually DF or just a guest in clan chat. Murray IMKJelleOmniushaRene Alzz Eli Joe Korneel Daniel Redroc Sem Frozen George Jake (Blaedr) Are you willing to be active on our forums? Yes - have been more active in game, clan chat and Discord than I have on forums but will try post more. Why do you wish to be closer to our community? Been playing OSRS again for the last year or so, slowly getting good at the game again, been hanging around DF clan chat and Discord. I've even turned up to some P2P fights eventhough I despise them. Been around DF since 2007 and I'm blacklisted from WG so can't go back there. Unlikely that I will end up joining as theres no F2P fights anymore but still good to be in the community with new and old faces. Do you use our IRC or TS? If not, why? I use Discord and clan chat more and sometimes come on TS. Anything else? Ross stop removing my HG rank.
  5. Divine Forces Tuesday PK ft Dk

    RIP that little boys balista
  6. Divine Forces Monday Day Out ft dk vit rot

    0 kills 0 deaths looted a glory though
  7. Day 1 - Fishing

    Yeah man just forgot to post this yesterday!
  8. Day 1 - Fishing

    200k+ xp gained
  9. 99 Magic

  10. hello guys!

    Hello, I don’t think there will be many people around from your era!
  11. Hello :)

    Recognise the name, hello
  12. 99 Crafting

    finland king
  13. can u guys go pking on ur phones?

    I managed to kill vorkath on mobile, so hard can it be to kill some sweaty little fags in the 2018 wilderness
  14. Chose to be ace2cool for halloween

    Welcome to the forums, feel free to post a guest introduction to introduce yourself