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  1. Df vs Ct [Video]

    Well done lad, nice job DF!
  2. This girl is on fire

    She loves the gains, the hype and dream is real.
  3. Lil Zik

    Ugly pet
  4. Expected better from CT, they are all talk.
  5. Good Gains Come in 5s

    She wants that 2k dream, keep at it.
  6. 1v1 competition

    When does this start?
  7. Plants

    We have some
  8. Saper's Intro

    What is this half assed community intro
  9. Ty bird

    Sis you mind?
  10. 115 comb

    Your levels will fly up when training melee with slayer, keep owning.
  11. The alliance provides her members so they may remain sustained.
  12. Divine Forces Sunday Feast

    DK need to get some tanking lessons...