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  1. Who in/around DF have you known the longest?

    Probs @Sugar from some quality orange ownage time
  2. Pizzas & Pineapples: The Sequel

    I'll try anything once
  3. Murray

    Ross gets the most head
  4. Heyy!

    What a cool job!!!
  5. Cheap mp3 player suggestions?

    I would use an old phone. If you don't have that, then maybe consider looking into an iPod Classic if you can function without apps.
  6. Divine Forces vs Vanguard

    gz on your win
  7. 83 rc

    miss u
  8. DF vs Damage Inc - CWTB (Charm Up) Finals

    Never thought I would see Team Murray and Team Omni teaming up to defeat the forces of evil
  9. "2 years too late"

    What is this
  10. There's a video out there of Ray Moore's spokesperson out there saying during a CNN interview in which he says that you have to swear into office on a bible so you can't be anything other than Christian lol
  11. Favorite Late Night Snack/Meal

    I really like pizza Sometimes I'll do tofu with veggies and rice if I'm feeling over enthusiastic. (This is also a common meal) Gummy candy