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  1. 🍜 Ramen??? Feed my curiosity!!! 🍜

    Discrimination is bad. Ramen is ramen and I've had it.
  2. Woopers HG

    ref bitch
  3. coming for yearbook

    What happened to your 'quality over quantity' when it came to refs?
  4. [Updated]I win f*** you alice

    I can't even be mad.....
  5. [Updated]I win f*** you alice

    Im winning overall, by 82.9m
  6. [Updated]I win f*** you alice

    Sorry, you did log off though :c
  7. Trio - Lilchris, Boszy, and Geese 356,518,334 each lol collection log
  8. [Updated]4 Man Twisterino Bow

    Leave it to Alice's luck to win Raids 1 and 2.
  9. [Updated]I provide

    10 man, 107m each Alice, Ross, Simon, Lilchris, iLostabollok, JLG, Gordon, Mugamas, Boszy, and me
  10. Arcane - 9 man 787k each.
  11. [Updated]Fuck you loco

    Go for the b2b dream of 2x chestguards